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2015’s Top Women’s Fashion Bloggers To Follow

Fashion bloggers are huge nowadays, when you’re looking for outfit, styling inspirations everyone tends to head straight to their favorite fashion bloggers site’s to get inspiration from there. With more and more people launching fashion blogs now, obviously meaning that competitions are of course rising, bloggers are now adding more than just fashion to their blogs, like home interior, beauty, and photography.

We’ve picked out some of our favorite fashion bloggers for you to follow this year, with this list you can’t go wrong and you’ll definitely stay inspired all year round.

Chiara Ferragni | The Blonde Salad


Launched in 2009, The Blonde Salad founded by Chiara Ferragni became successful fairly quick after it’s launch. Today, The Blonde Salad is more than just a blog, it’s a source of inspiration and style. The Italian born fashion blogger, receives over 110,000 hits daily according to Ferragni, along with more than 3 million Instagram followers.

The-Blonde-Salad-Blogger-2015-1Images via.

Ferragni has collaborated with various major fashion and beauty brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and more as well as being the creative director of her own shoe line. She has also been named by Business of Fashion as one of the most influential personalities of the International fashion world.

Danielle Bernstein | We Wore What


What started off as a street style blog, Danielle Bernstein soon turned We Wore What into her own personal style blog as well as her fashion diary, highlighting her everyday outfits and her experience in the city of New York City.

We-Wore-What-Fashion-Blogger-2015-2Images via.

We Wore What lead Danielle to a special jewelry design project with TOPSHOP which was inspired by a treasure-hunting adventure in Istanbul.

So if you’re looking for a style blog that covers everything from personal style, to street style along with music inspiration, be sure to check out We Wore What by Danielle Bernstein.

Julie Sarinana | Sincerely Jules


Sincerely, Jules was founded in 2009 by Jules Sarinana, a platform to express her inspirations, style and of course everything she loved. Jules easy, approachable style and chic use of staple pieces is reflected in her signature t-shirts, printed with inspirational, occasionally irreverent, quotes.

Sincerely-Jules-Fashion-Blogger-2015-2Images via.

In addition to her blog, Jules has contributed to and has also been featured in:, E! News, Teen Vogue, Lucky Magazine, and Cosmopolitan Latina.

Kristina Bazan | Kayture


With over 1.1 million likes on Facebook in addition to a major presence on Instagram, say hello to Kayture. Founded by Kristina Bazan and James Chardon, Kayture has become one of the most influential blogs in Switzerland as well as one of the biggest names worldwide.


Kristina has worked with various high end brands such as, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Jimmy Choo and many more.

Kayture-Fashion-Blogger-2015-3Images via.

Kayture is definitely one of our favorites on the top fashion blog list, covering everything from fashion, beauty, lifestyle to travel. Her style? Elegant, chic and feminine.

Courtney Trop | Always Judging


Always Judging, founded by Courtney Trop takes you into her personal world of fashion, food, street culture travel, music and design.

Always-Judging-Fashion-Blogger-2015-2Images via.

Check out her subtle chic style in the look archives, and while you’re at it don’t forget to also take a look at the collage section featuring outfits, gifts inspirations as well as what’s trending. Want to check out the latest look books, it’s all on the blog.

Charlotte Groeneveld | The Fashion Guitar


The Fashion Guitar was launched in 2011, started off as a thing on the side for Charlotte Groeneveld and soon developed into a real full-time job. From her personal uber-chic style to fashion week, magazine shoots to fashion editorial and outfit inspirations, you will be able to find it all on The Fashion Guitar.

The-Fashion-Guitar-Fashion-Blogger-2015-2Images via. The Fashion Guitar

Charlotte has been featured on numerous fashion websites and magazines since the launch of The Fashion Guitar and collaborated with various brands such as Armani, Coach, Jimmy Choo and more. Love her style? Shop her wardrobe now or purchase her favorite items by just simply clicking into the ‘Wear What I Wear’ tab. 

Marta Pozzan | It’s Super Fashion


Marta Pozzan the founder of It’s Super Fashion shares her unique style and bold outfits on her blog. As well as her daily looks, Marta also creates stylish collages that feature some of her must-have favorite items, current trends and tips, lookbooks, beauty, art & design and many more.

Its-Super-Fashion-Fashion-Blogger-2015-2Images via.

Collaborating with cool brands such as Nasty Gal, BCBG, H&M and Nike, Marta Pozzan is definitely one of the fashion blog sites you need to watch out for this year.

Jamie Chung | What The Chung?


More and more celebrities are becoming bloggers nowadays and one celebrity fashion blog that is on top our must-follow list is indeed What The Chung?

What-The-Chung-Fashion-Blogger-2015-2Images via.

Founded by Jamie Chung, an actress by day and an inspiring blogger by night, Jamie doesn’t only share posts about her chic personal style she also shares some of her favorite places to eat, some of journeys on & off set as well as what’s inspiring her at the moment.

Shauna Miller | Penny Chic


Want to put some stylish looks together but on a budget at the same time, check out Penny Chic. Founded by Shauna Miller, a budget fashionista showing you how to look stylish regardless of how much you spend by putting together outfits on her blog using clothes from some of America’s biggest discount stores.

Penny-Chic-Fashion-Blogger-2015-1Images via.

Spotted a designer item but want to get a cheaper alternative? Click into the Penny Chic Vs. Pricey Chic section to find all the must-have items but get the look for less! Not only that, if you need styling advice, fashion emergency or seeking shopping therapy, send Shauna a private note via. ‘Ask Shauna A Question’ and she will get back to you directly.

Isabella Thordsen | Isabella Thordsen


Naming her blog after herself: Isabella Thordsen is not only a super cool fashion blogger with a minimalist + chic style, she is also a personal stylist at ASOS.  Isabella shares everything she finds inspiring on her blog, from her personal style to her life in London, to fashion week, trends and so much more.

Isabella-Thordsen-Fashion-Blogger-2015-2  Images via.

Follow Isabella Thordsen for beautiful visuals as well as outfit inspirations.

Adam Katz Sinding | Le 21eme


Le 21eme, isn’t just another street fashion blog, it’s a stylish blog filled with super stylish visuals. It’s your photo-journalistic view into the daily world of fashion from cities and fashion weeks around the world.

le21eme-Fashion-Blogger-2015-02Images via.

Created by Adam Katz Sinding, whether if you’re just looking for some outfit inspirations or want to know what’s trending around the world, you’ll definitely stay inspired by just checking out this site.

Leanne Lim-Walker | It’s All The Rage These Days…


Follow Leanne Lim-Walker’s blog: It’s All Rage These Days… for everything from outfits, hair & make up to product reviews, videos and more.

Leanne-Lim-Walker-Fashion-Blogger-2015-2Images via.

The 25 year old half Chinese, half English fashion photographer and blogger, stands out with her signature pink/purple hair, as well as her bold, eye-catching style.

Suzie B | Hello October


Hello October – what started off as a productive outlet for the amounts of shopping Suzie did after getting her first full time job, five years on the blog has grown from showing off her shopping haul to getting gifts from well-known brands to cool collaborations.

Hello-October-Fashion-Blogger-2015-02Images via.

Hello October isn’t just a visual diary tracking Suzie’s daily looks, beauty routines, events she attended and what inspires her. To make it even more interesting for her readers, Suzie is also a vlogger, adding videos to her blog about her make up storage, tutorials and more.

Weronika Zalazinska | Raspberry and Red


Launched in 2009, Weronika Zalazinska created Raspberry and Red when she was 13 years old while she was extremely bored during her winter break. But Weronika really only started to write and turn her blog into something in 2011.

Raspberry-and-Red-Fashion-Blogger-2015-2Images via.

With over 100,000 likes on Facebook, and over 84K followers on Instagram, Weronika has been featured in various magazines worldwide from ELLE UK, ELLE Japan, Glamour Poland, Marie Claire Netherlands and more.

Raspberry and Red features photo diaries of Weronika’s travel’s, her daily looks, collaborations and more.

Marianna Mäkelä | Mariannan


Mariannan launched in 2008 by Marianna Mäkelä is a stylish online diary, that isn’t only about her personal style and pretty photo’s but it’s a blog where she visually track down what she does everyday, using her iPhone as well as her Nikon D610 camera.

Mariannan-Fashion-Blogger-2015-2Images via.

Marianna’s personal style is all about minimalist + chic. This is the perfect blog to follow of you’re into interior design, food as well as fashion and beautiful visuals obviously.

Nor De Groot | Queen of Jet Lags


Travel fanatic, Noor De Groot of Queen of Jet Lags shares her views on fashion and lifestyle with the world on her blog. The name of the blog says it all, constantly travelling to different places, Noor likes to also give her readers tips on travelling, along with stylish images.

Queen-of-jetlags-fashion-blogger-2015-2Images via.

Follow Queen of Jet Lags as she takes you around the world in a fashionable way.

Sarah Mikaela | Framboise Fashion


Sarah Mikaela of Framboise Fashion documents her fashion, lifestyle and travel adventures on her blog, along with brand collaboration, events and more. Since it’s launch in 2009, Framboise Fashion has now built up a vast amount of followers from around the world.

Framboise-Fashion-Fashion-Blogger-2015-2Images via. 

With great content and high-quality, beautiful images, the blog has led Sarah opportunities to collaborate with high-end brands such as LIBERTY LONDON, L’Oreal and more. Apart from that, Sarah is currently the UK ambassador of the OLYMPUS PEN Generation.

Veronika | Venkavision


Venkavision founded by Veronika in 2009, started off as an online diary that documented Veronika’s fashion experiences, life and studying in London.

Venkavision-Fashion-Blogger-2015-2Images via.

Originally from Budapest, Hungary, Veronika has now finished her studies and now blogs about everything from outfit posts, trend reports, shopping guides, fashion & art events, as well as adding a little bit of her personal life in now and again.

Shelly Stuckman | Arizona Girl


Shelly Stuckman of Arizona Girl launched her blog in 2014 and it has already lead her to collaborate with various brands such as, Neutrogena, Missguided, adidas NEO, Free People and more, as well as that the blogger has won a number of awards like the adidas NEO #NOWISEVERYTHING Blogger winner of 2015.

Arizona-Girl-Fashion-Blogger-2015-02Images via.

Stay up to date with everything you need to about fashion, beauty, travel, music and art & design with Arizona Girl.

Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn | Jag Lever


Originally from Detroit and currently living in New York, Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn launched her blog Jag Lever in 2009 which actually began as a lifestyle & fashion blog meaning that it was not strictly just about fashion.

Jag-Lever-Fashion-Blogger-2015-2Images via.

Today Jag Lever is 90% fashion related, with occasional posts about music, mixtape’s, photography and personal happenings. Rachel-Marie likes to channel 70’s hippie/boho style or sometimes it just all depends on her mood.

Tilden Brighton | To Be Bright


Tilden Brighton started her blog, To Be Bright in 2013 as an online resume to help her to score an internship in New York City. More than just an online resume now, the blog has become a success in just a few years as she has been featured in numerous magazines and websites.

To-Be-Bright-Fashion-Blogger-2015-2Images via.

As well as showcasing her casual, edgy style on the blog, Tilden also has a love for interior designs, so that’s why she has now added lifestyle to her blog now. So if you’re seeking for fashion & lifestyle inspirations, you know where to go.

Kelly Framel | The Glamourai


The Glamourai by New York-based stylist Kelly Framel is not just a simple blog, it’s a fashion blog, a glossy magazine, a travel diary and more.

The-Glamourai-Fashion-Blogger-2015-2Images via.

Check into the site for beauty tutorials, outfit inspirations, travelling tips and even D.I.Y tutorials!

Claire Geist | De Lune


Taking all of her photos by herself with a tripod on her blog, Claire Geist launched her blog to keep herself occupied in 2009. From a hobby to a success, Claire has now collaborated with various well-known brands that of course suits her style such as, Free People, Coach and more.

De-Lune-Fashion-Blogger-2015-2Images via.

Find more than just fashion on this blog, and get everything you need to beauty, look books, things Claire loves, as well as studio visits and projects she has worked on.

Nadia Sarwar | Froufrouu


Nadia Sarwar launched her photography blog, Froufrouu in 2009, documenting everything from photography, her work, adventures and her menswear inspired personal style on her blog.

Froufrouu-Fashion-Blogger-2015-2Images via. 

In love with black & white images? Then you must check out Froufrouu.

Chantal van der Meijden | Cocorosa


Starting her blog in the year of 2009, in New York City, Chantal van der Meijden of Cocorosa likes to write about her style musings, daily inspirations and outfits.

cocorosa-fashion-blogger-2015-2Images via.

We’re in love with this blog as it’s not just all about fashion, Chantal likes to share some of her favorite D.I.Y tutorials with her readers for home, beauty and of course fashion.

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