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3.1 Phillip Lim Holiday 2013 Collection

31-Phillip-Lim-Holiday-2013-collection-1 31-Phillip-Lim-Holiday-2013-collection-2 31-Phillip-Lim-Holiday-2013-collection-3 31-Phillip-Lim-Holiday-2013-collection-4 31-Phillip-Lim-Holiday-2013-collection-5 31-Phillip-Lim-Holiday-2013-collection-6 31-Phillip-Lim-Holiday-2013-collection-7 31-Phillip-Lim-Holiday-2013-collection-8

Images Courtesy of: Imaginex Group

3.1 Phillip Lim has launched the Holiday 2013 collection. The new collection features clean lines, fresh colors and embellishments which make the pieces timeless and ageless. Tuxedo inspired shapes, Swarovski crystals and velvet creates a modern look. While graphic prints and embellishments offer a more casual approach for the 3.1 Phillip girl to dress up for different occasions during this festive season. These classic timeless pieces could be worn over and over again even after the Holiday season.

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