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5 New Ways To Wear A Scarf


Scarves are one of the most versatile items in any closet, it could be used as a cover up, worn around the neck, tied around the waist as a belt and it could even be used as a hairband. This wardrobe essential comes in a wide variety of lengths, colors, patterns, fabrics and textures.

A scarf could not only add warmth but it could also drastically change the feel of an outfit, so if you’re looking to spice up your daily outfits a little, then the scarf is your best friend. Don’t be afraid to sport the same thing more than once a week because there are many ways to tie a scarf, people might not even notice that it’s the same one you wore yesterday.


Below, we’re going to take you through 5 ways to wear a scarf for both summer and winter. Drape it, loop it, tie it, there’s no one best way to tie a scarf, it’s always fun to experiment with all the different ways. So let’s get started!

Wrapped Up

This is one of the best ways to wear a scarf during the winter, it’s super warm, cozy and ultra stylish. But don’t just throw on any scarf, make sure the scarf you’ve chosen goes well with your outfit and compliments your look.



Begin by wearing the scarf on your neck with both ends hanging at the front, one end hanging longer than the other. Take the longer end and wrap it around your neck as many times as necessary. To make it even more stylish, wear your hair tucked into the scarf.


With the wrapped up method, you’ll definitely be able to stay warm during the freezing cold weather.

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Leave it Hanging

Just leave the scarf hanging at the front, there’s no need to tie it, wrap it or drape it, just simply put the scarf on your neck and you’re ready to go. It’s a great way to accessorize any outfit, it’s also a fantastic alternative to jewelry too.


This is one of favorite ways to wear a scarf as it’s easy, quick and super effective. If you’re in a rush and you can’t pick out the right jewellery to wear with your outfit, the hanging scarf method will be the best way to complete your look. 


Printed scarves or one which could bring a pop to the outfit will be the best options.



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Tie It In Your Hair

Scarves are not just to keep you warm anymore, it could also be used as a hair accessory and there are multiple ways to wear it in your hair. This hair tie method is super popular during the summer as well as the winter, as it could amp up any type of outfit.



Wear it as a bandana, turban, headband, the options are just endless!


For the best results opt for a silk scarf, possibly a printed one too.



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Spread It

This is perfect for both summer and winter, and to make it even better, there’s no right or wrong way to wear the scarf spread out.


Opt for a knitted scarf for the chilly weather and add a beautiful brooch for an elegant look.


For a fun and eye-catching effect, go for a thinner and printed scarf in the summer.


Just simply wear the scarf spread out across the shoulders.

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Tie it Casually

Silk scarves are fun and chic, some people may find it hard to master the elegant piece, in-fact it’s not as hard as you may think. One of the easiest, elegant and flirty ways to wear a silk scarf is to make it look effortless.


Just simply put it around your neck and casually tie your scarf in a lieu of a necklace and you’re ready to go, say goodbye to old-fashion and hello to modern.



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Whether it’s chunky knit, silk, cotton, plain or patterned, scarves are a must-have in every single wardrobe, and it’s a huge favorite amongst the fashion forward due to it’s versatility. There’s a scarf to suit all types of weather and outfit, so don’t forget if you’re stuck on ideas on accessorizing your outfit just throw on a scarf for the perfect finishing touch!

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