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50 Super Cute Medium Length Haircuts for Women

Medium hairstyles has become the ‘it’ length which everyone has been trying out for the last couple of seasons, and without doubt it’s still going strong. The great thing about this length is that it suits almost everyone. Celebrities have gone for the chop, fashionista’s are rocking it and were obsessed with it.

Hitting somewhere just between the collarbone and the jaw line, this ‘midi haircut’ is modern, fresh, and still long enough to pull it back into an up do. Style it sleek straight, add some waves, or go for the low-maintenance bed-head style, gone are the days of an awkward in-between stage.

To help you choose the perfect medium length cut you always wanted, we’ve picked out 50 of our favorite styles to get you inspired. Just scroll down and take your pick.

Wavy Midi Haircut

ali-larter-shoulder-length-hair-1Images via.

Hairstylist Andy Lecompte is the one who created Ali Larter’s graduated bob. He told Allure Magazine the secret to this style is the long layers, that begin just below the chin, using a razor to soften up the ends so that it wouldn’t be heavy and blunt.

Trendy Shag

emma-stone-shag-hairstyle-1Images via.

Pictured here Emma Stone rocks a trendy shag, the perfect option for shoulder-length hair especially if you are casual, have naturally wavy hair, and like it to look undone.


medium-length-hairstyle-dakota-fanningImages via.

Ask the stylist to cut the ends right at your collarbone or two inches below – anything in-between would cause a strange flip. This collarbone grazing cut with a tiny bit of layering snipped vertically into the ends works for everyone, and complements almost all face shapes. Experiment with different parts to see what works best on you.

Soft & Wavy

Elizabeth-Medium-Length-HairstyleImages via.

This length plays well with every hair texture. Apply mousse to damp hair, blow-dry and curl random pieces to create these loose, elegant waves.


Christina-Hendricks-Medium-Length-HairImages via.

For a face-framing effect, ask the hairstylist to add soft layers around the face. The layers should be at your chin or even a little higher if you have a square jaw.


Jennifer-Aniston-Medium-Length-HairImage via.

Jennifer Aniston’s hair is shorter in the back, and works well for many textures but not curly hair as it will be quite hard to style. This is definitely the perfect cut for women with short necks.

Sleek Bangs

Kerry-Washington-Mid-length-Hairstyles-Straight-Haircut-with-Blunt-BangsImage via.

This haircut may look all one length, but there is in fact some delicate layers just below Kerry Washington’s collarbone to keep the cut looking severe. The bangs should begin about an inch and a half from the forehead.

Blunt Medium Length Cut

Jessica-Alba-medium-length-HairstyleImage via.

This cut is not chopped into, its a classic, beautiful shape that falls perfectly with a few layers around the face. And works on any face and best for fine, straight hair.

Mid-Length Layers

Claire-Danes-Medium-Length-HairImage via.

This cut is partially good for women with fine hair who don’t want to go too short. Ask for a mid-length cut with strong layers that start at the cheekbone. When styling prep hair with lightweight volumizing product and blow-dry with a large round brush. Finish with a dab of serum.

Medium Length With Side Bangs

Medium-Length-Haircut-With-Side-BangsImage via.

Rock this stunning sleek classic hairstyle yourself by simply straightening your hair with a straightening iron, beginning at the roots and working your way down to the ends with a comb.

To create more volume ask the hairstylist to more layers at the ends and the top of the hair.

Poker Straight

Jessica-Alba-Medium-Length-HairstyleImage via.

Style your medium length hair poker straight with a centre parting for the perfect 90s look.

Cut Above The Shoulders

Britney-Spears-Medium-Length-HairImage via.

If you want to go for the chop but a little worried at how it’s going to grow out, then this bob is absolutely perfect. Britney Spears rocked this bob in 2014, this style will grow out beautifully. To elongate your neck, just simply ask your hairstylist to cut your hair just above the shoulders.

Alexa Chung’s Shag Hairstyle

Alexa-Chung-Medium-HaircutImage via.

Famous for her shoulder length shag haircut, Alexa Chung rocks her signature in so many different ways, soft waves, effortless waves, the list goes on.

If you want to get Alexa Chung’s haircut, ask the hairstylist for thick piece-y ends typical for the shag. If you would also like to sport Chung’s brow-skimming bangs, make sure your stylist cuts them so that the skim the brows.

Curled Mid-Length Hair

Allison-Williams-Curled-Medium-Length-HairImage via.

Medium length haircuts can get you anywhere, casual to elegant. If you’re looking for something formal. wear it in a classic, glossy curled look like Allison Williams. It’s red-carpet perfect yet the parting gives it an edge.

Long Bob

Naomi-Watts-Medium-HairstyleImage via.

If you have fine to medium hair, Naomi Watt’s long bob will the perfect medium length haircut to rock, especially if you’re looking for a chic low-maintenance style. This haircut will keep you looking chic all the time.

Blunt Shoulder Length

Emily-Blunt-Medium-Length-HairImage via.

Emily Blunt’s blunt shoulder-length haircut will work perfectly on women with round faces and defined cheekbones. Style it with a middle parting and relaxed waves for a natural, edgy appeal.

Layered Texture

Cobie-Smulders-Medium-Length-HairImage via.

The best bob haircut for the low-maintenance ladies. Carefully placed layers lend’s some texture to this wash and go style.


Margot-Robbie-Medium-Length-HaircutImage via.

To steal Margot Robbie’s wavy hairstyle, just start of by adding some volume to your hair by spraying dry shampoo at the roots, and finish off with a spritz of sea salt spray on the mid-lengths and ends.

Chin-Length Crop

Camilla-Belle-medium-length-haircutImage via.

Camilla Belle’s edgy cut is trimmed an inch or so under the chin with slightly layered ends to keep the cut flick and flirty, and not overly prim.

Above The Shoulder Bob

Kate-Mara-Medium-Length-HairImage via. 

Ask your stylist to point-cut the ends which would give the cut a kick and keep it looking drab.

Angled Lob

Olivia-Palermo-Medium-Length-HaircutImage via.

If you want a bob with an edge, Olivia Palermo’s cut is the best option. The cut is slightly longer and a little angled, and just style it with a parting that best suits you.

Layered Bob

Lily-Collins-Medium-Length-HaircutImage via.

Try a layered bob like Lily Collin’s bob that’s on the longer side for a fuss-free style.

Beachy Texture

Medium-Length-HaircutImage via.

Get these gorgeous beachy waves by asking your hairstylist to add some angled layers in your hair.


Alexa-Chung-medium-Length-HairImage via.

Sport a laid-back look like Alexa Chung. Go for choppy ends, and a long grown out bangs for that cool, effortless appeal.

Collar-bone Grazing

Medium-Length-Haircut-1Image via. 

Not too long and not too short, the collar-grazing is the perfect length and most importantly it’s flattering on everyone.

Texturized Bob

Cheryl-Cole-Medium-Length-Haircut-BobImage via.

Want Cheryl Cole’s textured bob, light teasing at the roots on the crown are one of the best ways to add volume to your hair and to make it look more fuller. Go for an asymmetric bob, a shorter back leading to a longer front.

Sharp Medium Bob

Ashley-Olsen-Medium-Length-HaircutImage via.

Rock a simple spontaneous look by stealing Ashley Olsen’s sharp medium length bob. When styling, go for a centre-parting or one that suits your face shape, and finish with a light messy touch and edgy tips.

Soft Waves

Kristen-Bell-Medium-Length-Haircut-Soft-WavesImage via.

Opt for a feminine look like Kristen Bell by styling your midi cut with soft waves flowing from the back and to the sides.

Middle-Parted Lob

Dakota-Fanning-Medium-Length-HairImage via.

The symmetry in this haircut flatters oval, oblong, and triangular faces. Style it with a side parting if your face is more round, or square.

Choppy Ends

Mandy-Moore-Choppy-LobImage via.

Textured at the ends and styled messily, were in love with Mandy Moore’s lob! If you have thin hair style it like Mandy Moore, as the messy waves adds dimension to the hair plus it’s an effortless option for everyday wear.

Layered Cut with Bangs

Katie-Holmes-Medium-Length-with-bangsImage via.

Copy Katie Holmes layered haircut with an A-line silhouette, textured ends and elongated bangs.

Long Angled Layers

Mariska-Hargitay-Medium-HaircutImage via.

To steal Mariska Hargitay’s haircut, ask for long and sharp angled layers. Work your locks with a hairdryer and a round brush to lift the hair at the roots when styling it.

Feathered Finish

Medium-Length-Haircut-With-Feathered-EndsImage via.

Long layers like this will make medium-length fine hair less thin, ask for long layers with a feathered finish for a lovely texture. When styling blow dry your hair with a diffuser and add a shine-boasting product for a flawless finish.

One Length Cut

Olivia-Wilde-Medium-Length-HairImage via.

Olivia Wilde’s haircut features subtle layering for a one-length cut look. Style it with a medium barrel curling iron, curling the hair vertically and in the same direction. To finish, brush with a natural bristle brush to gain the ideally integral wave.

Angled Layers

Angled-Layers-Medium-Length-HaircutImage via.

The top layer features the shortest length, while the lower locks are layered slightly for an angled layered hairstyle.


Sophisticated-Medium-Length-HaircutImage via.

In this haircut the top layer is shorter than the under-layers and features curtain-like bangs hitting below the cheekbones. To achieve this hairstyle, the locks are shaped from the mid shaft with medium -size curling iron. To finish the look, brush the hair with a natural bristle brush and settled into large curls.

Sexy Messy Lob

Medium-Length-Haircut-With-Touseld-WavesImage via.

To make the silhouette of this lob soft and oval, the haircut features an off-centered parting, back-swept long bangs and shortened top locks. Style this cut by applying some mousse to your damp hair, and use a blowdryer while tousling the hair with your hands.

Romantic Lob

Romantic-Lob-Medium-Length-HaircutImage via.

The inner hair is cut the shortest while every new outer layer is a few millimetres longer. The ends will naturally flip in without any styling.

Soft Mid-Length For Round Face Shapes

Sasha-Alexander-Medium-Length-HairImage via.

For this layered haircut, ask for a significant difference between the layers. Apply mousse to the hair and style it with a blow dryer and a medium size round brush, and brush your hair once you have finished with waves to avoid the excessive volume.

Thick Layered Cut

Alessandra-Ambrosio-Medium-Length-HaircutImage via.

This medium length layered haircut features dense ends, to get this gorgeous look style it with a medium curling iron and settle it with a natural bristle hair brush. Spritz the hair with a little shine spray for the perfect finishing touch.

Lob With Straight Heavy Bangs

Naomi-Campbell-Medium-Lenght-HaircutImage via. 

Naomi Campbell’s lob come with thick ends and straight heavy bangs. To style use a flat iron, but remember to add some thermal spray before flat ironing to protect the hair from high temperatures. Add a shine spray to finish.

Bob with Side-Parted Fringe

Suki-Waterhouse-Medium-Length-HaircutImage via.

Suki Waterhouse’s mid-length hairstyle benefits from a girlie touch by a side-parted fringe, while giving her blunt ends a soft finish.

Relaxed Medium Length

Taylor-Swift-Medium-Length-HaircutImage via. 

Opt for a more relaxed look like Taylor Swift. Gentle waves fall out straight to the ends for a natural, yet tidy look.

Long Bob

Fearne-Cotton-Medium-Length-HairImage via.

Get Fearne Cotton’s hairstyle by opting for big volume with a strong left side-parting, tucking the mid-length hair under at the shoulders.

Basic Baby Bob

Abbey-Lee-Kershaw-Medium-Length-HaircutImage via.

Go for Abbey Lee Kershaw’s super cute haircut if you’re looking to rock a slightly sleeker bob with a clean-cut and straight bangs. Tousle it up a bit and finish it with a little hairspray for a cool, edgy look.

Long & Layered

Emma-Watson-Layered-Medium-Length-HaircutImage via.

If you’re working on growing your hair out or looking for a longer style, Emma Watson’s layered medium length haircut is the one you want to rock. It’s layered and it’s the perfect style to get you through that in-between phase.

Blunt Bob

Simple-Blunt-Bob-Medium-Length-HaircutImage via.

It’s blunt, easy and super chic, we all love this cut. It requires almost no-styling at all and this one-length bob suits almost everyone.


Face-Framing-Medium-Length-HaircutImage via.

Go just slightly below the shoulders, and add face-framing layers along with shorter layers throughout to get this gorgeous cut.


Volume-Medium-Length-HaircutImage via.

For a voluminous cut go for a look with a slight angle, a few longer layers and finish off by adding an extra long bang at the front.

Long Bangs

`Katy-Perry-Medium-Length-CutImage via.

Get Katy Perry’s shoulder length hairstyle by keeping the layers minimal throughout the cut, and opting for some long, face-framing bangs around the face.

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