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Accessory Update – A New Take on the Charm Bracelet

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A new concept from London-based designer Tania Stone, founder of ‘The Chatelaine Belt’, is ‘the charm bracelet for your waist.’ This unique range of belts will bear charms to your liking and interests not too dissimilar from the Pandora charm bracelets that we all now and love. Traditionally worn years ago by housekeepers for the more practical reason of bearing thimbles, keys, scissors etc, Tania Stone has revamped this idea for the modern lady, turning it into a more stylish fashion statement.

“My Mother had a beautiful collection of Chatelaines that were collected from Portobello Market during the sixties, which she wore as a fashion piece. I used to play dress up with them as a child and when I found them again two years ago I just thought they were so beautiful and loved their intricate designs. I fell in love with the idea of bringing this forgotten accessory back to life, but making them suitable and enticing for the modern woman.”

Well with the ever-increasing interest in rompers and jumpsuits, belts are definately huge right now, and with Pandora’s being super successful as signature wear for your wrist, there’s no reason why this accessory couldn’t work for your waist. With an array of styles ranging from leather, metal, fabric, patterned and slim-line variations, it’s an exciting concept to say the least and we’re certainly looking forward to seeing this trend fly.

Images via Vogue.

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