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Alexa Chung Style

Alexa Chung is undeniably one of the world’s biggest fashion icons ever, and there are millions of females looking to her wardrobe for style and outfit inspirations. The busy TV personality is famous for her effortless, chic style-combining comfort and fashion together. Alexa is always seen in super comfortable and practical footwear like flats, sandals, sneakers and ankle boots. A front row regular, Alexa likes to keep her style simple, classic and timeless while mostly sticking to classic neutral tones.


As much as she loves designer labels, she’s also a huge fan of the highstreet brands too, she isn’t afraid to be spotted wearing the same items twice or more and that’s basically why we love her. We’ve picked out some of our favorite Alexa Chung looks, so stick with us while we look back at some of her super cool looks.

The Denim Overalls

Alexa Chung is often pictured taking a fashion trip back to the 90s and that means the denim overalls, whether it’s long or short, Alexa Chung can make them look modern and super stylish.


The denim dungarees made a sudden comeback last year, but the fashion ‘it’ girl has proven that this trend could be worn all year round, from summer through to the winter.


For a laid-back yet chic look, Alexa has been spotted teaming her dungarees with shirts, sheer blouses and sweaters.



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Peter Pan Collars

Peter pan collars add a girlish touch to any outfit, and Alexa’s love of peter pan collars are copied by women from all over the world, it’s now even an accessory on it’s own.



Alexa Chung has probably been seen sporting all types of peter pan collars from dresses to peter pan collared shirts teamed with sweaters and blazers.  



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Cut-off Denim Shorts

Summer or winter, the cut-off denim shorts are one of Alexa Chung’s wardrobe staple. The TV presenter is often spotted showing off her incredibly long and slim legs in a pair of vintage denim shorts, both bare-legged and worn with tights.



We love how Alexa keeps it super simple by pairing the shorts with a plain or printed shirt, along with a pair of boots or flats.



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Mulberry Alexa Handbag

Having a designer bag named after you is probably every women’s dream. Alexa Chung was spotted carrying a classic Mulberry men’s briefcase in a magazine, Emma Hill, the label’s Creative Director liked it so much, she decided to create a bag in Alexa’s honour.



Alexa is most likely to owe every Mulberry Alexa bag style available. The star teams her bags with her usual casual, laid-back yet chic ensembles, like flowy dresses and denim shorts.



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This ‘it’ girl never fails to impress us, whether she’s going out shopping or dressed up for an event, Alexa nails it every single time!

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