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3 Beauty Products You Really Should Try

beauty products to try 2013

MAC Deep-Cleansing Face Exfoliator

Volcanic ash isn’t something you typically associate with skincare, but the beauty geniuses at MAC found a way to turn the matter into a surprising skin saver. The exfoliator is great for all skin types and gets you one step closer to a dewy glow. Mac Cosmetics MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, $28

Somersets English Shaving Oil

Made with pure essential oils, such as lavender, tea tree, and rosemary, this shaving lubricant is perfect this time of year when legs need to be in tip top shape.  The oil smoothes and hydrates the skin so much you don’t need to rush to apply lotion post-shower. Somersets shave oil, $14.99

Tan Towel

If you haven’t tried this product by now, it’s a life-saver for warm weather looks. Unlike many self tanner products, this towel applies evenly and naturally to skin, especially 0n the face. Apply a few hours before going out for a soft glow.

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