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Best Street Style Looks Of 2008

The best street style is often found by just sitting, wherever you are, and people-watching. Whenever my boyfriend and I travel together, this is one of our favourite things to do; sit and watch the street style go by!

The best street style is often found by just sitting, wherever you are, and people-watching. Whenever my boyfriend and I travel together, this is one of our favourite things to do; sit and watch the street style go by!

I couldn’t count how many hours we have spent people-watching. In 2007, we travelled around Europe, and two of the best cities for fashion and style were Barcelona and Berlin. Back in America, New York tops the list, of course. We have spent many afternoons in Washington Square Park or Union Square, bopping along with the buskers and watching the fashionable (and un-fashionable) people go by.

Street style blogs have really taken off in the last few years. It is great to browse the various street style blogs and see just how stylish people really are. So unique, so innovative. I really love how fashion differs all around the world, from Sydney to Stockholm. This is my list of some of the best street style looks from 2008, taken from some of the best street style blogs.

Best Street Style Looks Of 2008

1. Altamira NYC: I have a love/hate relationship with leggings, especially when they are worn as pants. In this case, however, because they are being worn under a tunic, I think they work well. Of course, they are also being worn by a gorgeous model who definitely knows how to work the look. I love her giant bag, her slouchy tunic, her chunky boots and her carefree hair.

2. The Sartorialist: Three pretty girls in the city. The more I look at this picture, the more I realise that I am actually more enamoured by their group-look, than their individual outfits. I do love the vintage fur coat on the left and the army jacket in the middle. They seem to have a hobo, thrift-store look about them. These are the types of girls that can make anything work.

Best Street Style Looks Of 2008

3. Garance Doré: This girl is so rock & roll, from her open shoes, her scuffed knees, her thrift store tee, to her frizzy hair and her wide eyes. She is casual, laid-back and yet there is something totally wild about her. I can definitely see this girl bouncing out on a stage somewhere, being the life of the party, running through the streets laughing.

4. Style & The City: I think my “best street style” list has turned into a “girls who have clothes that I want” list. I WANT that leopard print coat. It looks so perfectly worn-in and ready to go. This is a great look for those pre- or post-winter months. I have always been a big fan of the coats/tights look, where you hope the girl is wearing a dress underneath, but you’re really not sure.

Best Street Style Looks Of 2008

5. Style & The City: Again, I think I prefer the combined look, as opposed to each girl’s individual style. I think the girl on the right has the better outfit, but I would prefer to mix it up with the brown fringe bag instead. They are both very on trend, with the metallic, leather-look leggings, the oversized knit, the gorgeous, Carrie Bradshaw hair.

6. Garance Doré: I didn’t realise until just now, but I think this is the same girl as in #3. What more can I say? She’s just cool. Totally rock & roll, this time with her chunky boots, sequin top and mini skirt. She’s definitely channelling some 90s grunge as well, with that plaid flannel shirt. If it’s not her, then she has a style-twin.

Best Street Style Looks Of 2008

7. Altamira NYC: This girl’s outfit reminds me of something that Nicole Richie would wear, on a simple day. Her studded sandals, the printed scarf, her tee and shorts, they all scream LA-chic. It is outfits like these that remind me that even the most straightforward outfits can be jazzed up easily. They also make me realise that you don’t have to put that much effort in to looking stylish.

8. Street Peeper: This girl was photographed at the Coachella Music Festival and it is a great festival look. I could probably do a whole list on “festival fashion”. I love her unique take on blocking out the sun, with the cute summer dress peeking out from underneath. Taking a printed scarf to a festival is genius. You have something to sit on, something for when it gets cold, something to block out the sun, something to add colour to your outfit. Perfect.

Best Street Style Looks Of 2008

9. Street Peeper: I think this look is just plain gorgeous. With that basket on her wrist, she looks like she is on her way to some awesome, riverside picnic. She is rocking the high waisted shorts, which are, for once, very flattering. The earrings are huge, which I love, and they set off the colours in her shirt. She is very retro, which is a style that people don’t channel enough.

10. Stockholm Street Style: I felt like I should add a boy for good measure and this picture was my first thought. I actually really like cardigans on boys, if they’re done right. I am absolutely positive that my boyfriend will never wear a cardigan. I particularly like the ethnic print of the cardigan against the print of the scarf. I am also fairly sure that my boyfriend will never wear a scarf.

BEST STREET STYLE BLOGS: Altamira NYC / Garance Doré / Stockholm Street Style / Street Peeper / Style & The City / The Sartorialist

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