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Best Wedding Gift Ideas: Be The Most Memorable Guest

So you’ve been invited to a wedding and as a wedding guest, apart from picking out the right outfit and the perfect pair of dancing shoes, there really shouldn’t be anything else that you need to worry about. But, what about the wedding gift? Yes, finding the perfect wedding gift are one of the main missions you need to set yourself when you have an upcoming wedding party you need to attend, and deciding on gift ideas could be a really frustrating process. Should you get something unique or something off of their registry? How much should you spend? Would the couple like the gift you get for them? A long list of questions could just go on in your head.


Purchase A Gift From The Registry

Nowadays, many couples will register at their favorite stores or some will use a universal gift registry where they list gift ideas from an array of stores. Purchasing a gift from the wedding registry is always the safest choice. Couples who are just starting out might make a list of gift ideas for starting their new home such as kitchenware, home décor items or even bed sheets or bed accessories and bath needs. Always make sure you follow the stores procedure for gift registry purchases, so everyone would be able to know that the gift has been purchased as it will be marked off the list.

Be Appropriate

Wedding gifts should reflect the needs and interest of both the bride and groom, always keep this in mind when hunting for the perfect gift. Presents for the household such as ornaments, kitchen ware, vases or household appliances are always the most acceptable gifts to give at a wedding. Sometimes it all comes down to how well you know the couple, if you’re a casual friend or coworker of the bride or groom, you might want to consider getting them something that is basic yet classy, one of the best options will be to check out the gift registry. If you can’t find a gift that you like to give or the couple doesn’t have a registry, gifts like picture frames, monogrammed bath robes, or gift baskets will still send wishes to the couple.


Try and Be Creative

Don’t feel that you have to spend a fortune on the wedding gift, the thought is always what matters the most, and try not to wait until the very last minute to purchase your gift as it could be quite obvious at times. The main point is that you don’t want the bride and groom to be disappointed when they open your gift. Maybe if you’re a very crafty person, you could try making a gift for the couple, but make sure it is wedding-worthy too, this way it’s not only super unique but ultra memorable too. Creating a scrapbook with photographs and memories of the couple as gift would be a great idea and would also be cherished without doubt.

Group Gift

Sometimes the perfect wedding gift could be quite an expensive gift but affordable. Some couples will put a higher priced item on their registry to allow a group purchase, which are usually luxury gifts the couple might not be able to purchase themselves. Group gifts are highly acceptable, but it also depends on who is in the group too, married couples or couples who live together and families generally send one gift. Or you could ask some other guests to chip in with you to buy the couple the item of their dreams.

Buy it Within Two Months

Now with the convenience of online shopping and shipping, there’s actually little excuse for any delay in your gift. Try to send your gift within two months of the wedding, and try not to bring the gift to the wedding as it could get damaged during the night. Have it sent straight to the couple’s house to make things easier for everyone, and who doesn’t like to receive something special through the post.


Gift Receipt

Even if you feel that you’ve picked out the perfect wedding gift for the couple, but it’s always best to include a gift receipt. It’s better that the couple are able to return the gift rather than it sitting in the back of the cupboard.

While cash seems to be the preferred wedding gift these days, it’s always nice to give the couple something that is well thought out. If you are totally out of ideas of what to purchase, talking to the bride and grooms close friends or family members would be helpful and could make a difference in a gift that perfect and a gift that is returned. To get you started, we’ve made a roundup of some items that we feel that would make the perfect gift and special enough for the wedding day.


Dibbern Black Forest Place Setting –

The fine bone soup plate cup set are designed with the black tree motif. Part of the Black Forest Dinnerware collection by Bodo Sperlein for Dibbern. Available in White/Black.



Villeroy & Boch Aureus 5 Piece Place Setting – Bloomingdale’s $165

A beautiful dinnerware by Villeroy & Boch, golden filigree is lavished on an aquamarine decoration. Bursting lotus blossoms adorn the plates and service pieces, with pops of fuchsia, tangerine and sapphire. Aureus is a modern classic representing the convergence of past and present.


Nespresso Pixie Bundle – Bloomingdale’s $279.99

The set features the pint-sized Pixie espresso maker and an Aeroccino milk frother. The single-serve machine is super-sleek and the accompanying frother adds fluffy froth for expert cappuccinos and lattes.


Riedel Crystal Champagne Cooler – $690

Exclusively to Barney’s, the Riedel crystal champagne cooler is made from mouth-blown lead crystal and looks unique and ultra stylish when placed on the table.



De’Longhi kMix Toaster – Bloomingdale’s $59.99

The toaster gets a dramatic makeover in De’Longhi’s new kMix collection. It’s chic, stylish and fresh. Available in 8 fantastic shades, making a bold statement in your kitchen.




Bloomingdale’s Basic Essential Dot Twin Sheet Set – Bloomingdale’s From $79.99

Printed with a white swiss dot, the bed sheets are timeless and versatile, the percale cotton sheets provide cool and comfortable sleeping. Percale cotton is known for it’s fine weave, which gives the sheets their crisp texture. These sheets are made for those who love the fresh look and feel of a classic sheet.


Levtex Remy Queen Quilt – Nordstorm From $99

The fuzzy-edged dots lend a trendy and modern style to the channel-stitched quilt.


Donna Karen Home Modern Classics Bed Linen – Neiman Marcus From $94

The quilted linens are accented with a tufted border and backed with cotton sateen. The luxurious 400-thread-count sheeting is crafted of long-staple cotton sateen with pleating on the flat sheets and cases. Fitted sheets have all-round elastic. The warm, weightless luxe of quilted silk in a Mercury or Black Ice takes opulence to a new level.



Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Ribbed Blanket – Nordstorm From $176

Cozy, light and super warm. Snuggle up in this ultra soft blanket.


Home Decor

Kate Spade Picture Perfect Frames – Neiman Marcus $50

A gleaming finish, simple lines and an endearing sentiment makes these picture frames ideal for showcasing a cherished photo.

kate -pade-new-york-Picture-Perfect-Frames.png


Tiziana Terenzi Maxi Scented Candle – White Fire – $130

White Fire scented candle with two wooden wicks, packaged in a sleek white glass jar with a 70-hour burn time.



Aerin Three Heart Nesting Dishes – Neiman Marcus $240

Whether adorning a chic table setting or hosting small keepsakes, these Aerin heart dishes makes a beautiful piece.



Personalized Gift

Teardrop Stemless Wine Glass – Mark & Graham $15 – $60

All advantages of a wine glass, with a lower centre of gravity. Use for brandy, wine as well as soft drinks. Complete it with the monogram or personalization of your choice.



Chalkboard Round Napkin Rings – Mark & Graham $15

A perfect tool for dinner parties and rustic entertaining. The black chalkboard provides a compelling material contrast to the light wood ring. Use chalk to personalise each ring.



Make Your Mark Cotton Collection, Personalized or Monogrammed Bedding Set – Mark & Graham $30 – $189

The digitally printed monogram or personalization on this pillow sham or duvet cover is bright, bold and available in a wide assortment of colors and typefaces. Completed with button closure keeps your duvet protected and the cover snugly in place.


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