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Matt Bernson’s Demi-Wedge

matt bernson demi wedge

5 Reasons the demi-wedge is better than the ballet flat:

1.} Since the foot is slightly angled in the demi-wedge, there’s s more pressure on the ball of the foot, which helps in arch support

2.} Less abrasion on the heel. Often times ballet flats don’t stay on the back on the heel which leads to constant adjusting

3.} Do you pronate? When walking, the heel has a tendency to cave inwards, which in time can affect your knees and back.  Even a small amount of height allows for better posture and even pressure throughout the bottom of the foot.

4.} Puddles and dirt have a harder time creeping in

5.} Easy to dress up or down!

We love the Izabel by Matt Bernson. Available in assorted colors: $165-$176.

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