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Bleach Blonde Hairstyles I Mamas A Rolling Stone Magazine

Bleach Blonde Hairstyles 2 I Mamas A Rolling Stone Magazine

Finding a hair color that suits you is no easy feat. Unless, of course, you’re a supermodel like Victoria’s Secret babe Candice Swanepoel. “Bored” with her golden-blonde tresses, Swanepoel decided to trade them in for a platinum ‘do, a trend that is hardly uncommon in the world of celebrities. If you’re on the hunt for some bold beauty inspiration, then look no further than these daring, platinum-hued celebs who also took the plunge!


Crystal Renn: Renn is certainly no stranger to changing her look. The former plus-sized model who was known for her classic, brunette bombshell beauty, shocked fans and industry insiders with her platinum switch-up in 2012.


Rihanna: Seriously, what look has this girl not tried (and made us wish we could pull off)? Rihanna, who is never one to bore the press, rocked a platinum wig around town earlier this May, but she’s also sported many lighter blonde looks in the past.


Lady Gaga: Where would Gaga be without the platinum bow that once topped her head? To not include this one-of-a-kind lady on this list would definitely be a sin. As for what her hair color is today, one can never be sure.


Anne Hathaway: The Les Misérables actress stunned us all at the 2013 Met Gala when she showed up to the red carpet with a bright blonde coiffure. Needless to say, the media was definitely “punk’d” by her on-trend switch.


Rita Ora: This fashionable British songstress’ platinum strands are practically her trademark. That, and a bright red lip that never seems to go out of style.


Miley Cyrus: Just like her ever-evolving image, Miley’s hairstyles are hard to keep track of. As of late, the “We Can’t Stop” singer’s hair is short and super blonde, much like that of the Barbie doll (that she, um, kisses) that’s featured in the video of her new single.


by Nikki Hess

Photos Courtesy of Vanity Fair, NY Mag, Polyvore, The Huffington Post, Glamour, & InStyle

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