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Blumarine Enchanted Garden


Blumarine-Enchanted-Garden-2 Blumarine-Enchanted-Garden-3 Blumarine-Enchanted-Garden-4 Blumarine-Enchanted-Garden-5Images Courtesy of Blumarine

Blumarine offers a selection of precious pieces dedicated to the longest nights of the year, an enchanted garden where flowers and plants decorate the outfits of the women of Blumarine for the Winter 2014 holidays.

This winter, the ‘Enchanted Garden’ collection includes a selection of delicate pieces such as, contrasting thread embroideries and flower prints that decorate the silks of kimono dresses featuring deep plunges and bon-ton petites robes. A mix of technical rubberised fabrics and fluid satins are presented on chemises recalling ancient and elegant oriental blouses.

Flowers appear on every look, acquiring a different meaning depending on the color: optical white pieces illustrate a garden asleep under the snow, black bestows a more elegant and mysterious touch, while emerald green leads us into exotic atmospheres.

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