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Blumarine Permanent Exhibition Space At The Museum Of The City Of Carpi







Blumarine-permanent-exhibition-7.pngImages Courtesy of Blumarine

Anna Molinari, Creative Director of Blufin and designer of Blumarine announced the opening of a permanent exhibition space in the Museum of the City of Carpi dedicated to Blumarine.

The setting curated by Anna Molinari in collaboration with the Directorate of the Museum, is conceived to celebrate the tailoring of garments, the quality of fabrics and the preciousness of the brand’s trademark embroideries.

The itinerary intended to establish an elaborate and peculiar relationship with the designs, brings to life an ‘interactive wardrobe’ with which visitors will be able to experiment a multisensory contact with the exposed dresses and accessories, playing with visual, acoustic and odour perceptions while having the opportunity to feel the garments which is quite uncommon in museum halls.

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