Burberry’s Fall 2012 Makeup Collection Is Dark and Stormy

August 9, 2012 by

Burberry's Fall 2012 Makeup Collection Is Dark and Stormy

As we near the end of the London Olympics, it seems fitting that we share some of the best that Britain has to offer—beginning with Burberry’s gorgeous fall 2012 beauty collection. As always, Burberry has kept it simple yet sweet, adding just a few products albeit products that you will simply have to have. The collection begins with four new Eyeshadows: Gold Trench, a gold-beige; Dark Sable, a rich brown; Mulberry, a berry; and Porcelain White, a white. Then, there is a Velvet Foundation Long Wear Fluid Foundation, a Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base, and three Lip Cover Lipsticks: Nude Rose, a soft pink; Sepia Pink, a pink-brown; and Mocha Glow, a brown. To check out the full collection, head to Nordstrom now. Prices start at $29.