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How to Buy Cheap UGGs & How to Avoid Fake UGGs

With the weather getting cooler it is important to keep the feet warm while out and about, and one of the most obvious ways is to slip into a pair of Ugg boots. If you’re considering on treating yourself or somebody to a pair of UGGs, be very careful that you don’t fall for the fakes!


If we spend a fortune on a pair of expensive footwear, we do of course want to make sure that we’ve grabbed ourselves the genuine pair and not fakes. So before you jump into purchasing a pair now, why not prepare yourselves first so that you know you’ll be getting the real deal. To help you do that we’re going to take you step by step on how to spot the REAL & FAKE UGGs.

Where To Find Cheap Genuine UGGS

First, if you’re looking to find discount UGGs, here are the places to look. Below we’ve got information on how to spot counterfeit UGGs.

UGG Australia outlets – Expect up to 50% off or even bigger discounts depending on the color when it’s on the clearance racks. The classic boot in the standard colors such as Chestnut and Black usually wouldn’t be found at the outlet.

Woodbury Commons Outlet Store, 107 Marigold Ct.,Central Valley, NY

Jersey Shore Outlet Store 1, Premium Blvd. #16, Tinton Falls, NJ

Riverhead Outlet Store, 1770 W. Main Street Suite 1012, Riverhead, NY

Nordstorm Rack – Grab a pair of UGGs starting at minimum savings of 30% off.

Union Square, 60 East 14th Street, New York City

Bergen Town Center, 510 Bergen Town Center, Paramus, NJ

Gallery at Westbury Plaza, 1040 Old Country Road, Garden City, NY

White Plains City Center, 3 City Place, White Plains, NJ

Saks Fifth Avenue Off-Fifth – UGGs at Off-Fifth stores are normally 20% off, but when Off-Fifth runs a sale there could be an additional 30-40% off.

Gallery at Westbury Plaza, 1070 Old Country Road, Garden City, NY

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, 850 Grapevine Court, Suite 850, Central Valley, NY

BergenTown Center, 20 Bergen Town Center Paramus, NJ

Jersey Gardens, 651 Kapkowski Road, Elizabeth, NJ

Riverhead Tanger Outlets, Tanger Drive Riverhead, NY


Real UGGs Are …Made In China?!

UGG shoes are made in China, it may sound strange but yes you read that right! UGGs are only made in China under licence from Deckers Inc, so if the seller says that they are made in Australia or New Zealand avoid them, the UGGs are fake.


The Security Features

UGG Australia has been using security features on their labels and packaging since 2010, and these special labels and stickers are the most reliable way to tell the authenticity of your expensive purchase.


With the holographic sun logo that changes from black to white when it is rotated 90 degrees, this special feature should be on the foil strip on the label right behind the sewn in ‘size/materials’ label on the left pair of your UGG shoes. If there isn’t a sewn-in-label, then there should be a security sticker on the sole of the left shoe. Don’t forget to check the box too, the shoebox should also have the same security sticker too.



It doesn’t just end there, in fall of 2013 UGG Australia added a QR code to the sewn-in security label on the left shoe. On the back of this label, there should also be a 3D effect security tag that has the UGG and sun logo on it. Don’t worry if you can’t see that, as some of the Fall 2014 products doesn’t have this holographic feature, just use the QR code.


Check the back of the shoe, look at the stitching, font and the wording. Fake UGGs tend to have poor-quality stitching, bigger fonts, larger label and check the positioning of the label.


The Packaging

The genuine UGG shoes come in a strong sturdy cardboard box with a removable lid, featuring a starburst orange sun logo on the front of lid and the words ‘UGG AUSTRALIA’ printed on the side in the middle.


There is also another thing you could check, that is the plastic wrapper. The shoes should be wrapped in a thick, wrinkly plastic wrapper with ‘UGG AUSTRALIA’ printed all over it.

If there are any sort of labels pinned or attached to the boots, a brown dust bag with ‘snow boots’ printed on it, or you find an Australian flag anywhere on the packaging then those UGGs are certainly fake.


The real UGGs come with shoe inserts while the fake one’s don’t.

Care Leaflet

Each pair of UGGs come with cream colored cards and leaflets. Each piece should be top thick, high-quality paper with clear printed wording.

The Quality

One of the most important things to check is the fur, real UGGs use the best merino sheepskin with a rich creamy color, and it should feel incredibly soft inside and smooth outside. While the fake pair come with a greyish, thin chemically dyed wool.


The Sole

The genuine UGG sole should be flexible, if you’ve got a rigid sole in your hands then you’re holding onto a pair of fakes. Don’t forget to check the thickness of the sole, the real UGG sole is 1/2 inch thick, whereas the fake UGG boots has a thin sole with only 1/4 inch thick.


Next to the “UGG” on the bottom of a genuine UGG sole there should be a registered ‘R’ in a circle.

The Size

Real UGG boots sizes run larger and will stretch and mold to the feet after a wearing them for a certain time, as the fake pair do not.


The fake Uggs are usually either shorter or taller in height than the real UGGs, with a narrower heel, wider ankle and a narrower opening which doesn’t roll down as easily as the real UGGs.

The Shape

Check the width of the shoe, the front of the shoe slopes downwards in more of an angle while the fake ones has a pointier finish.


The real stitching should be nice and even with no loose threads, and the material should be smooth with no markings.



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