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Catch A Fire: December 2009

BOOK – MAKE-UP MASTERCLASS by Jemma Kidd // Former fashion model Jemma Kidd released her first book, Make-up Masterclass, in October 2009.

BOOK – MAKE-UP MASTERCLASS by Jemma Kidd // Former fashion model Jemma Kidd released her first book, Make-up Masterclass, in October 2009.

Jemma Kidd started out her career in fashion as a sought-after model and is the sister of international supermodel, Jodie Kidd. In 2003, Jemma realized her true calling was behind the scenes and opened her own “Make-Up School” in London. A cosmetics line of the same name was launched in 2006 and in 2008 Jemma released the JK Jemma Kid make-up line in Target stores.

Make-Up Masterclass is a book that aims to share Jemma’s insight into the fashion and beauty industry, including the preparation that goes on before a show or at a photo shoot. Jemma explains how to work with beauty trends, how to create new looks and color schemes, how to adapt a look or tone it down, how to enhance your best features and feel confident in your appearance. Better yet, the book is aimed at women of every age.

The book has a very minimalistic, accessible feel to it, with plenty of bite-size pieces of information that can be quickly absorbed, as well as tips and step-by-step instructions. Finished off with gorgeous photographs, this book seems perfect for someone who wants to brush up on their make-up skills but isn’t sure where to start. Similarly, it is also good for someone who needs to develop a skin care regimen that will see them through.

Make-Up Masterclass is available from for $16.49.

WEB – HABILLÉES POUR L’ÉTÉ 2010 (DRESSED UP FOR SUMMER 2010), presented by Full Frontal Fashion & Sundance Channel // Habillées is a six-part, web-only series by Full Frontal Fashion that follows the madness and mayhem of fashion week.

The show follows Mademoiselle Agnès as she covers the Spring 2010 collections at Fashion Week in both New York and Paris. Mademoiselle Agnès pays particular attention to looking for and spotlighting the next generation of designers. In New York, she heads to shows like Proenza Schouler, Jason Wu and Thakoon, the next big things in fashion. When she attends Paris Fashion Week, she sets herself the overwhelming task of attending as many runway shows as possible, ensuring that she is present at “not only the heavy hitters, but also the perennially individualistic and the relatively low-profile.”

Mademoiselle Agnès goes behind the scenes with an all-access pass to many of the big-time collections, including Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior. Particularly memorable moments include watching Anna Wintour, in part five, as she exits a show. Watch carefully as her entourage carefully maneuvers a bystander out of the way, before whipping out a flashlight and shining it two steps in front of Anna so that she can safely make her way down a flight of stairs.

Habillées was directed by Loic Prigent, who also directed The Day Before, another fabulous fashion series that was featured on Sundance Channel (and which we spoke about in The Hot List: September 2009). Tune in at Full Frontal Fashion.

BOOK – SANTE D’ORAZIO: BARELY PRIVATE by Sante D’Orazio and Ed Ruscha // In November this one-of-a-kind book was released, showcasing Sante D’Orazio’s photographs from 1997-2008 in a photo-diary/scrapbook format.

Sante D’Orazio is an internationally renowned photographer who has shot for Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, Revlon and L’Oreal. His fashion editorials have been featured in magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Sante D’Orazio’s Barely Private comes a decade after his debut, A Private View. The shots in the book are raw, uncensored and provocative and provide a glimpse into the jetsetting life of D’Orazio. All the shots are mounted in collage-style frames that are surrounded by handwritten notes and observations; a format that is so aesthetically pleasing that you quickly forget who you are looking at.

You don’t want to forget, though! From celebrities like Angelina Jolie to models like Kate Moss, from musicians like Keith Richards to actors like Diane Kruger, this book provides an inspiring glimpse into their world. The all-night parties, the photo sessions, the artists in various states of undress – everything you can imagine that a famous photographer would see while he lives life in the fast lane! Our favorite? A challenging image of a girl with a gun in her mouth, staring into the mirror.

If this fabulous book isn’t enough for you, Milk Studios & Gallery in New York City are hosting an exhibition of D’Orazio’s photographs from Barely Private, until January 5th, 2010.

Sante D’Orazio: Barely Private is available at for $26.39.

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