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Dior Fusion Sneakers

Dior-Flower-Sneakers-1.pngDior-Flower-Sneakers-2.pngDior-Flower-Sneakers-3.pngDior-Flower-Sneakers-4.pngImages Courtesy of Dior

Fusing Dior’s classic ultra-feminine style with contemporary design, the slip-on sneakers are embellished in delicate Parisian couture ribbon and embroideries – ‘garden’ and ‘flower’, while keeping it’s practicality with the ergonomically shaped sole that mimics the imprint of the foot.

Covered with four layers of mesh, a hardwearing and lightweight material, the couture sneakers are dedicated to urbanites. To accentuate the floral theme inspired by Dior’s floral universe, the beautifully crafted shoes are packed with amusing grass lined shoe “drawers”.

“Shoes as futuristic as they are couture, and resolutely unclassifiable. Colorful and feminine down to the smallest detail, being both delicate and sporty with finely edged sequin flowers and rubber soles, the Dior fusion sneakers are the style signifier of a woman who’s elegant and contemporary, an urbanite who makes the city her own with dash and daring.”

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