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Dr. Martens Worn By You AW14 Limited Edition Collection

Dr-Martens-Worn-by-you-collection-2Dr-Martens-Worn-By-You-02Dr-Martens-Worn-by-you-collection-3Images Courtesy of Dr. Martens

The Worn by You collection by Dr. Martens features styles that have the finish and appearance of Dr. Martens’ most loved and well-worn boots. Selected designs were pulled out from the archive or found in vintage stores, and then replicated using different finishing techniques.

Featuring the 6-Eye Steel Toe, 10-Eye 1490 boots, and Monkey Boots,¬†each pair in the collection has had the suppleness of worn-in leather duplicated by folding and bending the footwear by hand to mimic the effect of years of wear. The leather surface has been scuffed to make it look worn-in. All styles has been through an ‘antique-ing’ process – oxblood leather is over-polished with black, then buffed to shine, leaving black polish in the crevices, as well as on the grooved sole and the stitching.

A limited number of 1,460 pairs of each style will be created for the collection, and the tongue of each boot has been stamped for authentication. A certificate and a booklet describing the history of the boots is also provided within each shoebox.

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