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The New Emma Watson, Or Just In Character?

emma watson gq

We all recognize the 22-year-old actress from her role in the Harry Potter series. Now Emma Watson is all grown up, acting as Nicki, the Hollywood pole- dancing thief  in Sofia Coppola’s new film “The Bling Ring”. As you’ve never seen her before, Watson takes on a whole new role as she talks stardom, sex and stalkers in the May issue of GQ.

During her interview, Watson describes her decision to take on a new role, “When I read the script and I realised that essentially it was a meditation on fame and what it’s become to our society, I had to do it…” “The character is everything that I felt strongly against – she’s superficial, materialistic, vain, amoral.  She’s all of these things and I realised that I hated her.  How do you play someone you hate?  But I found it really interesting and it gave me a whole new insight into what my job, or my role as an actress, could be.”

The May issue of GQ is on stands now. Check it out and tell us what you think about Emma’s new role.

photos courtesy of GQ

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