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Exotic Beauty Ingredients: The Magic of Monoi Oil


Majorly moisturizing on both hair and skin, monoi oil is made when the fantastically fragrant Tiare Tahiti flower is seeped in refined coconut oil. The end result is an aromatic dream, as well as a nourishing, healing, antioxidant-packed ingredient that gives vital, skin-soothing abilities to any product it’s added to. Here are six we love, each for their own unique, monoi-saturated reasons.


1. NARS Monoi de Tahiti Body Glow II, $59

This calming, hydrating oil (the second of NARS’ monoi-enriched products) is lightweight and meant to be applied daily. It gives skin a hydrated, radiant glow, and a wonderfully tropical scent. Plus the bottle is so beautiful (there’s a real Tiare flower placed inside) making it perfect for display.


2. The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil, $20

Great for use as a bath or massage oil, The Body Shop’s Monoi Oil enriches skin and hair and, of course, smells divine. A little goes a long way, so depending upon how you use it, the bottle can last you quite a long time.


3. Carol’s Daughter Monoi Oil Sacred Hair Strengthening Serum, $30 

This lightweight, monoi-soaked serum revitalizes dull hair and protects it from all kinds of damage (such as heat styling, environmental elements and color treatments). It’s the monoi oil that really adds the oomph: it rebuilds your strands’ structure from the inside out, making hair stronger, shinier, and all-around healthier.


4. Body Drench Tahitian Monoi Oil Body Lotion, $8

Insanely smooth skin is what you get when you lather on this monoi-rich body lotion, which hydrates even the dullest parts of the body. When used daily, your skin takes on a gorgeous, healthy glow, as well as that amazing monoi/coconut aroma.


5. Moana Beauty Tiare Monoi Sugar Scrub, $55

Slough off those dead skin cells with this highly effective, wonderfully fragrant sugar scrub. It combines pure turbinado (raw) sugar with monoi oil, to reveal radiant, even-toned skin from head to toe. A dash of Shea butter is also thrown in for extra moisture.


6. c. Booth Body Souffle in Tahitian Monoi, $13 for two 8 oz. jars

c. Booth’s whipped lotion is extremely rich, so you can use it sparingly and still get amazing, moisturizing results. We love using it on our feet—it’s perfect for soothing calluses and hydrating dry, dull heels.

Susan Linney

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