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Explore Your Spirituality at Free People

free-people-tarot-cards free-people-small-neutral-dreamcatcher free-people-perpetual-lunar-calendar free-people-holiday wishing-bottle free-people-eclipse-moon-cuff free-people-fp-new-romantics-lovely-day-teeBegin your new year with a new you at Free People’s new spirituality shop. This unique collection will inspire you to explore your spirituality in hope that all of your dreams come true. Choose from tarot cards that will tell all, homespun dreamcatchers to help awaken your dreams, lunar calendars, wishing bottles to help make all your wishes come true and an array of zodiac inspired clothing and jewelry. Take a trip to celestial heaven now and be sure to start your new year off on a positive note.

Tarot Cards $40.00

Small Neutral Dreamcatcher $68.00

Perpetual Lunar Calendar $20.00

Holiday Wishing Bottle $58.00

Eclipse Moon Cuff $118.00

FP New Romantics lovely Day Tee $78.00


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