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Fashion Magazines: May 2011

Here’s the scoop on the cover girls, the inside stories, and what you can expect from seven major fashion magazines in May.

Fashion Magazines: May 2011

The excitement of fashion week is over, award show season is done—perhaps it is time to sit back, enjoy the warmer weather, and catch up on your reading. Happily, the May 2011 issues have landed and there is enough fashion and style inside them to keep you going through spring. To be specific, you’ll find beauty and health tops, hair and makeup ideas from the music industry, a packing guide for your next vacation, swimwear reports, career dressing ideas, and plenty more. As for the covers, you’ll find actresses such as Reese Witherspoon and Kate Hudson alongside pop stars like Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga! On that note, here’s the scoop on the cover girls, the inside stories, and what you can expect from seven major fashion magazines in May.

Water For Elephants actress Reese Witherspoon wears Roland Mouret on the cover of Vogue magazine’s May 2011 issue. Inside, she discusses being on the cusp of an entirely new stage in life: “I am really going through that right now. I’ve had some really kind of sad moments lately. You don’t go backward! And I think 35 for a woman is a big thing. I remember when I was a little girl looking up at my mother at 35 doing her hair in the mirror, and I thought, my mother has never been more beautiful. She had years of wisdom you can’t erase. And now I feel the same way when I look in the mirror.”

Singer Gwen Stefani graces one cover of Elle magazine’s May 2011 issue, while pop stars like Robyn and Nicki Minaj appear on separate covers. Inside, Gwen discusses the style of fellow pop stars like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry: “I don’t see myself in those girls. I usually put pants on. I see these girls as more going for the sex-symbol thing. I was more, in the band, like a tomboy. Of course, I think every girl is sexy, so there’s going to be a little of that. But I see a lot of younger artists going more toward the sexy thing.”

Harper’s Bazaar
Pop star Lady Gaga appears—with pink hair, natch—on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar’s May 2011 issue. Inside, she reveals her thoughts on plastic surgery: “I have never had plastic surgery, and there are many pop singers who have. I think that promoting insecurity in the form of plastic surgery is infinitely more harmful than an artistic expression related to body modification.”

Marie Claire
The girls from Glee—Lea Michele, Amber Riley, and Dianna Agron—appear on the cover of Marie Claire’s May 2011 issue. Inside, Dianne discusses the castmate she has learnt the most from: “Lea taught me how to stand up for myself more, like realizing that I can’t be in 10 places at the same time. She’s also very protective. Once, we were flying from Sydney to Melbourne when a crazy guy grabbed my face and kissed me. Lea yelled and pushed him off of me. A mean stewardess who hadn’t seen it turned around and said, ‘You two be quiet!’ And Lea yelled, ‘No, that man just kissed my friend!'”

Something Borrowed actress Kate Hudson wears white lace on the cover of InStyle’s May 2011 issue. Inside, Kate, who is expecting her second child this summer with Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, discusses the pros and cons of pregnancy: “I’m usually an A cup and I’m getting close to a D cup. Big breasts are fun for certain things and really not fun for other things. Plus, I love fashion, and having big breasts is not ideal for certain looks. They’re way more fun when you’re not in your clothes. Then, they’re a blast!”

Mad Men actress January Jones is on the cover of W magazine’s May 2011 issue. Inside, January discusses moving to New York City when she was young to work as a model: “I was excited to be independent, but I was also naïve – I wanted to be rich and famous. I lived in an apartment near the Empire State Building. There were a billion girls in New York City who wanted to be models. After a while, I was immune to rejection, which helped when I went out to LA to become an actress.”

Twilight actress Ashley Greene wears a J Crew cardigan and Nanette Lepore bikini on the cover of Glamour’s May 2011 issue. Inside, she discusses how her acting career began by attending a modeling convention in New York City. “I’m a big believer in ’everything happens for a reason.’ I’m not saying it wasn’t hard. I lived off Lean Cuisine and had no furniture and shared a bedroom with a girl for a year. I ran up my credit card. But every time I thought, I’m going to fail, something happened that kept me here.”

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