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Fashion Quotes

Our latest edition of notable and quotable Fashion Quotes includes comments from Marc Jacobs, Ashley Olsen and Lady Gaga.

Fashion QuotesLady Gaga on why she customized her white Hermes Birkin bag: “I bought the bag because Matt Williams, my creative director and closest friend, said, ‘You must buy a Birkin because it’s the most classic bag.’ I hate all purses; I used to buy cheap, punk-looking, sloppy bags in New York, and I would stud them with stuff. I had a little glue gun, and I used to glue rhinestone studs, sequins, mirrors. The disco bra from the ‘Just Dance’ video I made with my own two hands. So I bought this [Birkin], I carried it, and then I saw stuff on the Internet like ‘Oh, Gaga holding a Birkin getting on a private plane — so much for hating money.’ So here is the irony: the most classic and iconic bag on the planet, but my fans don’t relate to it because it represents something they don’t have. So how do I create and make it into something that they will love and adore, and turn it into a performance-art piece in itself? My fans are more iconic than this purse. And I love fashion, but I don’t love it more than my fans. And that’s what this bag is all about.” [Vanity Fair]

Mark Ritson on Chanel: “Of all the criticisms you can level at a luxury brand, dusty is perhaps the most devilish. The great luxury brands are unusual in that they are much older than the clients they currently target. For each to survive must practice the art of constant brand revitalization — a delicate process in which centuries of heritage is carefully balanced with contemporary rule breaking. Should a luxury brand ever slow down in the latter category, it rapidly becomes dusty.” [Marketing Week]

Ashley Olsen on dressing Michelle Obama: “I’d love to get Michelle Obama in The Row. The simple suits and things—it’s all made in America, so why not?” [Harper’s Bazaar]

John Varvatos on Banana Republic and the Gap: “A lot of designers become hot, attend every party, and then you don’t hear about them again. We’ve created our own identity. You asked about Banana Republic and the Gap — they don’t have their own personality. They’re followers. I spent a lot of years working for Ralph Lauren, and he had so many copycats, from Tommy Hilfiger to Abercrombie & Fitch to J.Crew. Many people have followed us too and have been successful.” [Playboy]

Marc Jacobs on creating clothes: “Sometimes we get very giddy and we start making things that really look like fashion-show clothes. And I say, “I have to believe that someone I know would wear this.” It’s just not enough to like some concoction. I’m not interested in making stuff for museums; I want the clothes to be worn. I don’t care if the girl sits on a curb in them after a party and they’re destroyed. I have to believe that there’s going to be a life for these things. Otherwise, I wouldn’t send them down the catwalk.” [Harper’s Bazaar]

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