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Fashion Quotes

Our latest edition of Fashion Quotes includes notable quotes from daphne Guinness, Alexa Chung, Dov Charney, and Lauren Weisberger.

Fashion QuotesHeiress/fashionista Daphne Guinness on her 8-inch heel-less wedges: “I found it inconvenient to have heels at one point. These just made more sense.” [NY Mag]

Alexa Chung on her Fashion Week essentials: “A camera. I know everyone is digital but I still love film and disposable cameras. A good umbrella because it always pisses it down during Fashion Week in New York. No stupid shoes! I’ll definitely be wearing lots of flats.” [Refinery29]

American Apparel CEO Dov Charney on the possibility of being replaced: “That’s not a question that comes up. No one would ask me that. Let’s replace the CEO—what happens? How do you know that I’m not running the business as sharp as a tack, given the circumstances I’ve been given? Who’s to say that I’m doing such a bad job? How does it get better with a new CEO? The only thing you could do is move production offshore. Put it in a horrible factory in Vietnam at 30 cents an hour.” [WWD]

The Devil Wears Prada author Lauren Weisberger on wearing high-heels at Vogue, where she worked as Anna Wintour’s assistant: “I couldn’t force myself to wear high heels. It was expected of me, but I ran all day, all over the office, up and down the building 1,000 times and to Starbucks six times a day, so there was no way I could manage even a 2-inch heel. I wore these horrible, black platform boots with a thick rubber sole because there was no choice. And even though for a couple of weeks I made the boot-to-high-heels switch under my desk, I just had to forget it in the end. She [Wintour] would stare at them in disgust and it was a stare that conveyed her displeasure pretty clearly.” [Mail Online]

Images: Nick Haymes via NY Mag

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