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Fashion Quotes

Our latest Fashion Quotes roundup includes notable quotables from Anna Wintour, Isabel Marant, Detmar Blow and Marc Jacobs.

Fashion QuotesAnna Wintour on fashion blogs, which ones are her favorites, and how they have affected magazine content: “We’ve featured many bloggers in Vogue. Hanneli Mustaparta and Rachel Chandler are regular contributors to Like any evolution in the industry, they force you to become better at what you do. Vogue’s in-depth articles and beautiful fashion stories, along with coverage of the arts within a fashion context, is not something that exists in the same way on blogs. They force us to dig deeper for stories, but we’re not competitors; we serve different markets. [Opening Ceremony]

Designer Isabel Marant on how she hates selling stuff: “I’m quite anti-consumerist; It’s difficult for me being a designer in an industry I don’t like. When I design a collection I find myself thinking, ‘Why do we need new clothes?’ I never think about the fashion people . . . They are not my concern.” [Love]

Isabella Blow’s husband, Detmar Blow, on Isabella’s role at Vogue as Anna Wintour’s assistant: “Issie immediately created a stir by the bold outfits she turned up to work in, and her eccentric manner. Wintour recalls, ‘People would stop by my office just to see what Issie was wearing that day. One morning she might be in full punk regalia, the next dressed like a maharajah, dripping in jewels and sari silks.’ It rapidly became clear that although Issie was not a great administrator, she was highly creative, and hard-working – on things that interested her, at least – and second-to-none at spotting new talent. Wintour says, ‘Every day she’d leave Vogue as if her working day was only beginning; the next day she’d come in and relate with breathy excitement about the new artist, the new designer, the new photographer, the fabulous girl we absolutely must work with.'” [Daily Mail]

Marc Jacobs on celebrity culture and courting the media: “I like being out there. As I’ve said before, I love attention. Sometimes that attention is great, like when we get attention for doing a great show or our sales are good or even attention for walking down the street and looking sexy. That’s all great. But unfortunately along with that comes a lot of negative comments: ‘Oh, we miss the old Marc.’ ‘It was much better when he was grungy.’ Da, da, da, da… Sometimes it hurts my feelings, but basically I’m really happy with the attention that we get.” [Interview]

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