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Fashion Quotes

Our latest Fashion Quotes story contains notable quotes from Naomi Campbell, Anna Dello Russo and more.

Fashion QuotesOriginal supermodel Naomi Campbell on the original supermodels—Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, and Claudia Schiffer: “We’re the original crew. We’ve still got it. My best moments over the 25 years have been with Kate, Claudia, the original girls. And boy did we have so much fun. We’re still running things, we’re still doing it.” [Mirror]

Vogue Nippon’s fashion editor-at-large Anna Dello Russo on her vacation attire: “Darling, I am always naked on holiday! It is my break from fashion.” [The Daily Beast]

Actor Chris Noth (aka Mr Big) on the Sex & The City franchise: “It’s over. The franchise is dead. The press killed it. Your magazine fucking killed it. New York Magazine. It’s like all the critics got together and said, ‘This franchise must die.’ Because they all had the exact same review. It’s like they didn’t see the movie. Got any more gum?” [NY Mag]

Photographer Mario Testino on nutritional and age regulations for models: “I think the world has greater problems than anorexia. Fashion uses young models, it always has, and of course they’re skinny. I was skinny too at their age.” [WWD]

Images: Peter Lindbergh for British Vogue

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