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Fashion Quotes

Our latest edition of Fashion Quotes has notable quotes from Daisy Lowe, Carine Roitfeld, and Lara Stone.

Fashion QuotesBritish model Daisy Lowe on her 70s-inspired style: “I’ve always felt I’d been born in the wrong era. All those floaty, hippy dresses to be worn with flowers in your hair, while singing along to a guitar… I love all that.” []

Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld on the magazine’s 90th anniversary: “In 90 years, we haven’t changed the mood of the magazine. It’s still very audacious. It’s still about beauty. It’s still about excess. It’s still very avant-garde. When we started to do the research, we discovered the same mood in the past, so we are very happy to feel that we are still looking like the iconic Vogue of Newton and Guy Bourdin. We try to be sophisticated, while a little on the edge all the time. But what I can see is that now, the censoring is bigger than it was 20, 30 or 40 years ago. I think we have less freedom. Today some pictures would not even be publishable. It’s not just about the nudity, but when you talk about things politically, the military, kids, it would all be politically incorrect and not publishable today.” [NY Times]

Dutch model Lara Stone on whether, now that she’s married, children are on the horizon: “Not yet. But I would love to have children some day. I’d like little gay boys. That would be good. I’m terrified of having a little girl. Girls are more evil than boys. And then they have boyfriends. Of course, I’d be happy to have a girl.” [Vogue UK, October 2010]

Images: Biba/House of Fraser

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