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Furla Cruise Collection 2015

Furla-Cruise-2015-Collection-1 Furla-Cruise-2015-Collection-2 Furla-Cruise-2015-Collection-3 Furla-Cruise-2015-Collection-4 Furla-Cruise-2015-Collection-6 Furla-Cruise-2015-Collection-8 Furla-Cruise-2015-Collection-9 Furla-Cruise-2015-Collection-10Images Courtesy of Furla

Injected with a dose of energy and vitality, the new Furla Cruise Collection 2015 is inspired by the dynamic woman who travels constantly and demands to be connected to the web wherever she is. Portraying a contemporary mix of both elegance and coolness, she is the type of woman who could wear trainers at any occasion.

The collection is designed with fresh and vivid colors, featuring a color palette of bright yellows such as Citron and Sunny; lovely pinks including Magnolia and Peonia; and fresh and new blues, like Mint and Laguana. These mix with touches of warmer tones, like Daino and Saffron together with greyish neutrals, such as Opale and Stucco, to give a very sophisticated allure to the entire collection.

Great attention to details and materials are given to the collection, with a focus on craftsmanship. Classic leathers like Saffiano, Cervo, Ares and Pop Star are highlighted with new Python Manaus in three colors, and Ayers – a genuine natural snakeskin.

This new Cruise Collection is a new, energetic, fresh start.


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