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Gap’s New Reserve Program: A Total Game Changer

Gap, formerly known as the mecca of hip 90’s clothing, is officially welcoming the age of Internet shopping with open arms. According to a recent report from WWD, Gap has created a “Reserve” program that takes online window shopping, as well as personalized customer service, to an entirely new level. The process is as follows: a shopper selects his or her favorite items online, the shopper’s local Gap sets these items aside, and then the shopper has the option of trying on the pre-selected items in the store before purchasing them. In other words, by giving the shopper the opportunity to try items on, the Reserve program offers a wonderful alternative to stressing over the innumerable “what ifs” of online shopping. Not to mention, it creates a far more personalized experience.

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Although Gap is not the first company to implement this idea, many industry experts and insiders are commending the retailer for taking an innovative approach to boosting sales. Even though it faces considerable competition from other revamped brands like Ann Taylor and J. Crew, Gap’s fusion of customer service and online convenience will definitely help to distinguish it from its competitors. Plus, who wouldn’t love to try a new, anxiety-free way to online shop?

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