Garance Dore

November 13, 2008 by

Garance Dore writes one of my favourite blogs, combining photographs of street style with her incredible illustrations of fashionable people. Whenever I look at Garance’s blog, I am immediately filled with jealous over her drawing ability.

I don’t speak French at all. I can only semi-decipher the French language and only when it is written. This is probably why I failed when I attempted to move to Montreal in 2005 (I lasted four days). However, when I visit Garance’s blog, it is almost like I don’t need to know French. Her pictures, photographs, drawings, they say it all, without words. She is the epitome of French chic.

Garance Dore

Today, while I was browsing Garance’s blog, I came across this photograph. When I first looked at the outfit, it didn’t really stand out to me. It wasn’t until I started looking at the individual pieces that I realised how much I liked it. Her jeans are perfectly ripped in all the right places. Her peace sign shirt doesn’t come across as tacky or cliché. The scarf, the studded bag – I love how everything is quite simple on the surface. It isn’t until you look closer that you realised how this lady has created an awesome rock & roll outfit.

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