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Your Go-To Blouse at Banana Republic

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You know that one blouse? The blouse that saves the day. The blouse that you can count on to dress up your jeans. The blouse that can be paired with a skirt for chic work-wear that could quite easily take you through to the evening. The perfect blouse to wear beneath a blazer or smart jacket for sophisticated chic style. We could go on and on. Every girl needs a go-to effortless and failsafe piece like this in their closet and Banana Republic have just the blouse. The Drapey Utility Shirt $67.00 in smooth silk, boasts large stylish chest pockets, button tab roll-up sleeves and a neat rounded hem, making it ideal for wear over as well as tucked neatly in. In luxe colours of charcoal, olive and classic black and white, it really is a must-have piece.

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