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H&M Close The Loop Collection

H-M-Close-The-Loop-Fashion-Illustration-1H-M-Close-The-Loop-Fashion-Illustration-2H-M-Close-The-Loop-Collection-1H-M-Close-The-Loop-Collection-2H-M-Close-The-Loop-Collection-3H-M-Close-The-Loop-Collection-4H-M-Close-The-Loop-Collection-5Images Courtesy of H&M

H&M is set to introduce 16 sixteen new denim styles this September made with recycled cotton from textiles collected in the Garment Collecting initiative in H&M stores. The new denim pieces features three styles of jeans for women, from skinny to distressed ‘girlfriend’ jeans, along with a denim jacket, flared dungarees and a denim jumpsuit.

H&M has created a closed loop for its textiles, in which the fabrics from unwanted clothes can be recycled into new ones. The purpose of the project is to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry, by limiting waste that goes to landfill and saving on natural resources used in the production of fabric.

H&M customers worldwide has been bringing unwanted clothes into its stores as part of the Garment Collecting Initiative since 2013. The brand has been able to use 20% recycled cotton from the collected clothes, H&M has a target to increase the number of garments made with at least 20% recycled fabric by 300% compared to 2014.

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