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How to Host a Margarita Party


The Air Is Brisk. Let the Warmth of Tequila Bring In A Touch of Summer

Why wait until Cinco de Mayo to hold a Mexican-themed margarita party? If you love a good party and want to see everyone with a smile on their faces, a fiesta at home with taco’s and margaritas is just about the best way to create a memorable event for all your guests.

You can even take all the hard work out of mixing the perfect Mexican cocktail with a margarita machine from Nostalgia Electrics so let’s get ready to party!

Get yourself a piñata

A piñata and a Mexican party go hand in hand and adults as well as kids absolutely love them, so get yourself a piñata, which is a great ice-breaker and gets everyone in the mood to enjoy themselves.

If it is an adult party, consider making up some plastic bottles with shots of tequila or liquor in them, which you can put in the piñata rather than candy.

Colorful celebration

A fiesta is all about a blaze of color and a multi-colored invitation to your margarita party. This will convey the message that fun, music and of course margarita’s are the order of the day.

Using a range of colored cards and crepe paper fringe, your invites will instantly stand out and make people want to say yes to your party invitation.

Margarita bar

The star attraction at a margarita party is of course the iconic Mexican cocktail itself, so you should plan on creating a margarita bar which will be at the heart of your party layout and be impossible for anyone to resist.

Margaritas are the essential ingredient for a party that is celebrating Cinco de Mayo, or any celebration for that matter. Although most of us know what goes into making a margarita, there seems to be quite a few recipes around these days to choose from and also a wide variety of tequilas that you can use.

If you use a margarita machine to get the perfect blend, any standard recipe will work well.

Use recipe cards

If you are planning to let your guests enjoy the perfect margarita, leave out some recipe cards with your favorite versions on them and then make up some different pitchers using the ingredients, so that guests have different ones to try.

You can experiment with some fruit infused tequilas or also set out some liqueurs like Cointreau or Grand Marnier for those that like a bit of sweetness to go with their salt and tequila.

Don’t forget the food

A margarita party is about music, margaritas and food. Mexican food is perfect sharing party food, so get plenty of tortilla chips, salsa dip and guacamole.

You might also want to put together a taco salad. Not many of us can resist some chicken burritos with black bean salsa, which you can cut up into party-sized pieces for people to snack on.

With the perfect margarita mix and a lively party atmosphere, you will probably want to host a margarita party more than once a year.

Karen Mullins loves to have company over to relax and unwind. When she’s not entertaining friends, she’s researching and writing about it. You can find her helpful articles mostly on cooking, food and entertaining blogs and websites.

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