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India Inspired Fashion

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India, a land myriad colors, cuisines, and cultures; lies its artisans who breathe life into this vibrant culture of festivities, celebration and grandeur. From the beautiful snow peaked valleys up North, famous for its embroidered Cashmere, to the silk weaves down South; every state has something unique to offer to the world of fashion and fabric.


Ikat has its origins in three different parts of the country, from Gujarat in the North–popular for a form of Ikat called “Patan Patola”, Andhra Pradesh in the South – popular for Warp Ikat, and Orissa in the East, popular for their finer details in craftmenship – today Ikat has found its way and made its mark on the international fashion scene. Lafayette 148 Ikat Dress –  $148, Ikat iphone Case – $44.95, Ikat Navy Bag – $89

Tie and Dye

With its roots in the desserts of Rajasthan, Tie and Dye is traditionally called “Bandini” – which translates to the process of tying the fabric and dipping it in natural dyes. A method that predominantly uses cotton, it turns out beautifully on silk as well. Today the industry’s top designers are using this technique that has gone global!  Heidi Klein Tie Dye Dress – $398, Tie dye Jeans – $260, Tie Dye phone case – $22


Nestled in South India’s rolling hills and ornate temples, is a land of silk. Woven intricately using gold, silver and vibrant threads – brocade has long been one of the finest weaves of the country, since the time of the Mughals. Once a fabric of wealth and opulence, spread across Banaras in the North to Kanchipuram in the South – today brocade is a quintessential part of Indian festivities, and the heart of Indian weddings, more than ever before. And rightly so, has blended into international fashion houses, like Dolce and Gabana’s 2012 Fall Collection, and Prabal Gurung’s collections too.  Prabal Gurung Brocade Skirt – $1,095,  Brocade Shoes – $815, Dolce Gabana, Brocade Bag – $1595

Mirror Work

A native of Rajasthan, India, mirror work is the handy work of local women artisans, who weave their magic using tiny mirrors stitched together with bright colored threads. From mirror work dresses, full flare skirts, vests, bags, and the most popular mirror work Jhootis (a flat footwear, intricately embroidered with mirrors); they are a favorite.  Mathew Williamson Mirror Work dress – $2,427, Mirror Work Bag – $105, Mirror Work Bangles – $29


Intricate sequin work splashed on several major designer labels of the world, primarily comes from the handy work of artisans in the little nooks of their New Delhi workshops. All Saints is a brand that has been synonymous to sequin, and the intricate work is done using a technique called “Aari”. Sequin is big across the globe, the shine and shimmer of these little flat beads, makes for a stunner in any crowd!  Owl sequin Clutch – $56, All Saints Dream Catcher Sequin Dress – $279


Be it the jeweled creations of this Dolce Gabana clutch, or these stunning Rene Caovilla jeweled heels, or Padma Lakshmi’s intricate India inspired jewelry line, India spells opulence, exquisite craftsmanship and rich cultural heritage, and the best way to pay tribute to it all – Vogue India Renaissance 2013!

Shwetha Ravishankar

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