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Introducing a New Name in Luxury Menswear


Over the years, there have been many exciting changes made in the world of men’s fashion. For example, the twenties will be remembered for its formal wear with tailcoat, starched white shirt, and top hat. The double-breasted suit showed up in the1930s and the casual shirt made its first appearance in the 1940s. During the second half of the 1960s, men’s fashion took a turn for a more colorful style; paisley, bell-bottoms, and floral patterns found their way into men’s closets. Following these styles were the power suit, the retro-look, and a modern tendency to create unique and personal styles. Today’s trends seem to pull the best elements from the previous fashion eras. Introducing: new menswear brand, Haxby.

Modern Appeal: A Mix of Classic and Contemporary

Pull together the collective experience of two teams of designers and put them into one exciting men’s fashion brand and you get Haxby. This new brand provides a great blend of classic menswear with contemporary styling and appeal. The debut collection of items is available in denim and sneakers, as well as some accessories like belts and eyewear. Don’t let the casual sound of the pieces fool you, however. The carefully-crafted pieces are limited-editions. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a piece, you can be sure that your jeans will stand out in a crowd.

Drawing From a World of Talent

Combining the best of several generations isn’t the only way that this new brand is reaching out to a global world. The design team is established in Los Angeles, but materials and craftsmanship come from the finest corners of Japan and Italy. For example, the eyewear is manufactured in Japan where yellow or white gold inlay is added to classic British glasses. In Montegranaro, Italy, supple cordovan leather sneakers are made by hand. The jeans will be finished with 24k gold-plated details on the zippers, buttons, and rivets. These examples are from the debut collection. A full range of menswear will eventually be available. When this happens, the brand will have a full line with outerwear, watches, knitwear, and bags.

An Eye on Quality

The newly organized team of designers, headed by Michael Dow and Timothy White, traveled around the world scouting out the very best talent available. After two years, they were able to pull together a team of craftsmen who excel in their positions. Ultimately, the company has talent and materials from Los Angeles, London, Switzerland, Japan, and Italy. The company focuses on the details and craftsmanship on every sing le piece in its collection. In fact, part of the company’s vision is to reintroduce the concept of handcrafted luxury to the menswear industry. The whole team is united by a desire to create menswear with integrity, quality without compromise, and impeccable design.

Universal Appeal – Limited Access

If precious metals, precision-cut crystal, fine leather, and exclusive fabrics sound appealing, then you probably fall into the category of people who would enjoy wearing this new brand. With prices that reflect their quality and the effort associated with obtaining one of these limited-edition pieces, you can be sure that this line of apparel will be available to a privileged few. Those who are fortunate enough to get part of this collection will appreciate the finer points of their luxury menswear.

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