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Lily Cole Launches Rubber Jewelry Line

lily cole jewelry line rubber

Oo la la, model (and environmentalist) Lily Cole has recently launched a jewelry line made of sustainably-sourced rubber.  Why you ask? She plans to save one billion trees in the Amazon rainforest with the profits, but she can’t do it all herself.

Here’s where you come in! Lily Cole been busy prepping her pretty jewelry line and working in collaboration with Sky Rainforest Rescue so you can see and shop her rubber jewelry line at stylistpick.

lily cole jewelry line rubber2

As if we couldn’t emphasize the oddness of rubber jewelry enough, Cole too admits, It did feel like a bizarre idea at first.  When someone says ‘rubber jewelry’ – I didn’t really have a precedent in my head of what that looks like to be honest with you. But what we’re trying to do is look at the ways that consumers in the UK can engage with wild rubber, and by purchasing it, protect the rainforest.”

So, from the entire collection she designed herself, her favorite piece?  The long pendant inspired by a Catholic rosary.  “I have two rosaries: there are the classic old Christian ones that have a prayer at either end, but I also have this pendant from Africa that has a prayer inside the metal casing, and you can never find the prayer but you just know it’s there. To my mind, it reflected the idea of the rubber being a prayer.”


by Assunta Catalano

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