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Lip Smackers Vitamin Schticks

Lip Smackers has teamed up with Vitamin Water to create Vitamin Schticks, eight flavors of Vitamin Water-inspired lip balm.

No matter what your makeup routine is, no one can look past a decent lip balm. While most of us already have a favorite picked out, Lip Smackers is ready to challenge your chosen flavor with a new range of lip balms designed in collaboration with Vitamin Water: the Vitamin Schticks.

The Vitamin Schticks are available in several flavors, each of which mimics a flavor of Vitamin Water. The lineup includes Power-C (dragon fruit), XXX (an acai, blueberry and pomegranate mix), Multi-V (lemonade), Focus (a kiwi and strawberry mix), Essential (orange), Energy (tropical citrus), Formula 50 (grape) and Revive (fruit punch).

Happily, each Vitamin Schtick is as good for your lips as it looks – the lip balm formula contains Vitamin E, which helps to nourish the lips, and sunscreen, which, of course, protects. Currently, Vitamin Schticks are available at stores like Walgreens Rite-Aid. Each flavor retails for around $2.99.

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