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Lipstick Royalty

Recently I was contacted by Rachel Phipps, editor of Lipstick Royalty Magazine. Rachel wanted to be interviewed as practice, so I put together a few questions for her to answer – Rachel is one of those girls who is determined to pave out her own path in life.

Recently I was contacted by Rachel Phipps, editor of Lipstick Royalty Magazine.  Rachel wanted to be interviewed as practice, so I put together a few questions for her to answer – Rachel is one of those girls who is determined to pave out her own path in life.

Lipstick Royalty

1. Introduce yourself & Lipstick Royalty Magazine.

Well I’m Rachel; I’m 16, British and I run an online fashion, art, music and lifestyle magazine called Lipstick Royalty which is available to read free online every month.

2. How did you come up with the idea of Lipstick Royalty Magazine?

No on ever believes me when I tell the story of how Lipstick Royalty came about. It was originally called Inside Out Magazine, and I started it out of sheer boredom in December 2007. It was originally gong to be a blog style collective of fashion articles but somehow it morphed into a fully graphically laid out magazine with someone pretty hot features in the alternative and indie online fashion industry. It got so big so fast it was scary!

3. Once you had the idea, how did you go about starting it?

I decided the best free way of hosting it at the time was on a Myspace page and that worked out pretty well, but to be perfectly honest i didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I was fourteen and I’d had no training or experience in online PR, fashion, graphic design or anything. I advertised on social network sites and forums for writers and staff members and got myself a graphic designer, Joe too. I learnt everything on the job, making a hell of a lot split second decisions, and too many bad ones to count! I had a background in writing, art and photography so I focused on my strong points while I learnt the rest. But I can safely say 18 months later I have became somewhat of an expert in online PR and I’m creating all the layouts myself as well as still working on what I’m good at, writing articles and even shooting an editorial for the magazine.

4. What are your plans for the future when it comes to Lipstick Royalty Magazine?

I have purchased a website URL and met with several business designers and website designers about launching Lipstick Royalty as a business on its own website but then, thinking about it I don’t think Lipstick Royalty is ready. This August we’re seeing the launch of our new free .pdf download format. I’m going to re-visit the idea of a business plan again in a year or two; but I still feel that I, the magazine’s staff and the magazine itself has a bit more growing up to d before its ready! Baby steps!

5. Do you have other plans for a life in fashion?

I still have no idea what I want to do; but I’ll always be doing something to do with fashion! I want to try everything out! I’m taking a lot of time out this summer to get some more photo shoots under my belt to build my fashion photography portfolio, as I can’t imagine my life without my camera! I’ve styles a few photo shoots and I’d love to do some more of that and I’m seriously considering taking a course in stage make-up, and this summer I’m going to make a few dresses on Etsy under the name of KupKake Kouture and se how that does. I’m going to chuck all the spaghetti at the wall and see which pieces stick!

6. What’s your advice for someone wanting to get into the fashion industry?

Go for it, find what your good at and stick to it, but don’t be afraid to try out good things. With the dawn of online media you can really get started and at any age. If you want to be a fashion writer; start a blog, look for online fashion magazines who are advertising for writers and look for websites that accept article submissions like If you want to model, be a make-up artist or photographer grab some friends, practice and upload your stuff to Model Mayhem and start looking for real models/ MUA’s/ Photographers to work with to expand your portfolio. If you want to design some clothes, make some, sell them on Etsy. The best tool for anyone looking to promote themselves online are social networking sites. Myspace pages are great as they are very customizable and there are so many young creatives on there to learn from. Twitter’s also an invaluable good to let people know what your getting up to!

7. Who/what inspires you?

I have loads of different inspirations for everything I do. For my photography I don’t really look towards many well known high fashion photographers as their work becomes so predictable. I really take inspiration from alternative photographers like Hocus Focus LA. I read all the magazine like Vogue and Harpers Bazzar but I really over Inked Magazine, because I’m both obsessed with tattoos and the photography and articles are so different and alternative. Its a style I’d love Lipstick Royalty to be able to learn from. Someone I’m really inspired by most recently is Doe Deere; blogger, the make-up artist who founded the Lime Crime make-up line and Russian model. I love her blog – its addictive and all her photographs and make-up work embody something I really wish I could capture. I’m really lucky to be interviewing her for the September issue and she’s sent me some samples to review of the Lime Crime Make-up. Now I’ve tested the product I’m now inspired by her fantastic head for business!

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