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The Lonely Dining Room: Designs That Give Unused Spaces New Purpose

Remember when you were younger? You probably had a dining room. Depending on your family, you might have had two – a formal and informal dining room. But, today, not everyone needs one. In fact, some households are better without. Here’s how to use the space that’s commonly reserved just for eating.


Turn It Into A Playroom

If you’re single, you might not need a dining room at all. What you might need or want is a playroom. Picture this: a pool table, a foosball table, and some nice decor. Maybe you could throw in an eames dining chair just to give yourself and your buddies a place to sit between turns.

Game rooms also have the benefit of being close to the kitchen when it’s a former dining room – good for hosting parties.


Create a Barroom

Let’s say you’re not much of a pool player. No problem. Maybe what you need is a barroom. How many homes actually have this ancient staple room? Not many. Usually, the bar is crammed into a kitchen cabinet and only used when company is over – if at all.

But, with a barroom, you can have people over for cigars and brandy. It might seem old fashioned to you, or it might seem retro. It really depends on your taste. One thing is for sure. It’s unique.


Build a Meditation or Tea Room

If you rarely eat in a dining room, what you might find beneficial is a meditation room or a tea room where you can relax. Go minimal with it – as minimal as possible. Put down a few pillows and section off a space for a small alter so you can burn some incense.

You can also put a small tea or coffee table in the room and host tea parties – Japanese style.


Make It A Reading Room

There’s nothing quite like a reading room to relax you. Instead of keeping up a dining room, keep books on a shelf. This is an awesome idea if you’re an amateur chef because you can keep all of your cookbooks right in the next room and refer to them as you’re cooking. You can even place stands in the “library” strategically, or move them into the kitchen when you need them.

Probably the best thing about a reading room is the smell of books. If you’re a bibliophile, this will become your favourite room in the house.


Make It A Coffeehouse

If you like coffee, and you’re looking for a unique idea for a dining room, try a coffeehouse approach. Set up the dining room to compliment the kitchen. In a way, it’ll be an extension of it. Fill the room with coffee grinders, espresso machines and, of course, bags of fresh coffee beans waiting to be ground.

This room is where you can spend time experimenting with manual pour overs, dutch cold-brews, and different pulling methods for lattes and cappuccinos. If you’re feeling really edgy, you can even try an Americano.

Jessica Andrews has loved her long career in home interior design. From luxurious batherooms to professional home offices to revitalized family rooms, she has a penchant for the inspirational, fun, and practical.

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