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‘She Loves/He Loves’ Valentines Gifts at Zara Home

She Loves

‘She is great fun and loves energetic colors’ so get her:zara-home-raised-flower-frame-tropical-pineapple-tealight-holder

Raised Flower Frame $19.00

Tropical Pineapple Tea-light Holder $25.90

‘She is so sweet and loves pastel colors’ so get her:zara-home-pure-gardenia scented candles-antique-flower-candlestick

Pure gardenia Scented Candles $16.90-$35.90

Antique Flower Candlestick $29.90

‘She is very natural and loves white’ so get her:


Decorative Cage $35.90-$59.90

Starfish Tea-light Holder $9.90

‘She is very calm and loves neutral colors’ so get her:zara-home-gold-ceramic-vase-ecru-globe

Gold Ceramic Vase $35.90

Ecru Globe $79.90

He Loves

‘He is very passionate and loves energetic colors’ so get him


Orange Hourglass $59.90

Beehive Tumbler $4.90  

‘He is very calm and loves neutral colors’ so get him:zara-home-dark-amber-scented-candles-golden-globe

Dark Amber Scented Candles $16.90-$35.90

Golden Globe $69.90

‘He is very traditional and loves grey tones’ so get him:zara-home-round-stone-ashtray-hammered-metal-stool

Round Stone Ashtray $35.90

Hammered Metal Stool $189.00

‘He is very natural and loves white’ so get him:zara-home-polka-dot-ashtray-dog-bookend


Polka-Dot Ashtray $25.90

Dog Bookend $35.90 

You’ll be spoilt for choice on what to get that special person in your life at Zara Home. They have a unique selection of gifts for both him and her that you can choose from in hues that are specifically catered to match their personalities. Fun, sweet, natural, calm, passionate or traditional, choose a gift in energetic, pastel or neutral colors or grey tones or white, to suit any of these traits and show him or her just how well you know them.

What’s more a gift for the home as opposed to a gift that’s personally for them, can be shared by both of you and is sure to be recognised by guests, making it a topic of conversation that’s guaranteed to impress.


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