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Make a Statement with Iconic Accessories at Shopbop

shopbop-iconic-status-lookbookWhat Goes Around Comes Around Vintage Chanel Quilted CC Drop Earrings $1,309.00

Vintage Chanel Filigree CC Brooch $913.00

Vintage Chanel CC Circle Brooch $1,001.00

Vintage Chanel CC Chain Belt $1,694.00

Vintage Chanel No.5 Belt $1,925.00

Chanel Black Mini Bag $2,730.00

Chanel 2.55 Mini Bag $4,130.00

Chanel Tassel Camera Bag $3,500.00

Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag $6,300.00

shopbop-iconic-status-lookbook-2Vintage Chanel CC Clip On Earrings $693.00

Vintage Chanel Coin Charm Bracelet $3465.00

Vintage Chanel Name Plate Belt $1,925.00

Chanel Boucle 2.55 Bag $5,500.00

Chanel Tan 3 Chain Waist Bag $2,730.00

Louis Vuitton Monogram Vanity Trunk $4,990.00

shopbop-iconic-status-lookbook-3Vintage Chanel CC Clip On Earrngs $693.00

Vintage Chanel Charm Necklace $3,850.00

Vintage Chanel Turnlock Choker Necklace $2,156.00

Vintage Chanel Bangle Bracelet $2,079.00

Vintage Chanel  Cutout Cuff Bracelet $2,002.00

Vintage Chanel CC Lock Bracelet $2,541.00

Vintage Chanel Chain Belt $1,463.00

Louis Vuitton Sprouse Speedy Bag $2,730.00

Louis Vuitton Mono Sprouse Rose Speedy Bag $3,150.00

Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom Keep All $4,130.00shopbop-iconic-status-lookbook-4Vintage Chanel Perforated CC Earrings $693.00

Vintage Chanel Perforated CC Necklace $770.00

Vintage Chanel Crystal CC Necklace $770.00

Vintage Chanel Rhinestone CC Necklace $770.00

Vintage Chanel Pearl Drop Necklace $847.00

Vintage Chanel ID Bracelet $1,309.00

Vintage Chanel Classic Sunglasses $770.00

Vintage Chanel Coco Key Ring $847.00

Chanel Quilted Denim Tote $2,730.00

Chanel Lamb Bucket Bag $4,130.00

Chanel Sport Backpack $2,730.00

For classic iconic designer pieces look no further than Shopbop’s latest lookbook ‘Iconic Status’. If you are willing to splurge on that luxe designer piece, than what better way to make a statement, than to go vintage. Chanel’s authentic vintage quilted bags and wallets and luxe statement jewelry, bearing the widely recognizable iconic logo, will add the perfect designer touch to any outfit. What’s more the collection doesn’t just limit itself to Chanel, with pops of Louis Vuitton and Dior making a welcome appearance, it’s a collection not to be missed.

Images via Shopbop

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