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Making Your Own Coffee: A Beginner’s Primer

Creating the perfect cup of coffee is an art that some people might find quite hard to master, but you don’t have to be a highly-skilled barista to make yourself a good cup of coffee at home that you would happily pay for.


Stopping by a coffee shop on a regular basis can be considered one of life’s little indulgences, but over a period of time, you might actually be quite surprised at how expensive it can be when it all adds up. So if you want to save money in the long-run, indulge yourself more regularly and enjoy a decent cup of coffee in more relaxed surroundings, producing your own fresh coffee in the comfort of your own home will definitely satisfy your needs.

Freshly Roasted Coffee

There’s no substitute for freshly roasted coffee, it starts to lose it’s taste and aroma within a few days even if it’s in a sealed package. So to get a great tasting cup of coffee you need your ground coffee to be as fresh as possible.


To get a decent cup of coffee, it’s ideal to invest in a good quality coffee machine, like the ones at John Lewis. Yes, it may seem quite expensive but consider it an investment in great taste, and it will actually save you money when you add up what you spend each year at the coffee shop.

Choosing Your Coffee

We all have different taste preferences and choosing your coffee is pretty much the same as trying to find a wine you like.

Most coffee is graded to it’s flavour and strength so that you have an idea of which one might suit your palette. A numbering system is commonly used, indicating whether a coffee is likely to be smoother and more mellow in flavour than others if it’s a 1 or 2, the higher up the scale of numbers you go, expect your coffee to be progressively more robust, rich and full-bodied.


On the packet, you will often see a strength guide that indicates a number between 1 and 5. If you like your coffee to be less strong, it’s best to go for a coffee that is between 1 and 2 which is light to medium roast, and those who love a cup of strong coffee, opt for 4 and 5 for a dark roast.

One of the best choices to finding a coffee that suits your taste, is to experiment with a coffee that is graded somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. By using this method, you could get a mixture of smooth and rich, and after you find a strength that you are comfortable with, you can take it a step further by doing a taste-test on different coffees from around the world, to find which ones you favour due to their individual qualities and subtle nuances.

Making Coffee

Now that you’ve set up your coffee machine and chosen a range of coffee’s to experiment with, it’s obviously time to get to work on making that perfect cup of coffee.

Making your own coffee at home is actually a very simple process, and you are essentially just combining ground beans with hot water, but it’s the variations in techniques and the fact that practice makes perfect which combine to turn you into an accomplished barista in your own home, within just a short space of time.


Clean equipment

Always make sure that the equipment you use are throughly cleaned and ready for use each time, as any residue leftover will potentially spoil the flavours of your next brew.

Try and get into the habit of emptying out the residue coffee and rinsing the holder, ready for the next time. Run a mixture of water and vinegarĀ through the machine every couple of weeks to remove any oils, this will ensure that everything is absolutely clean and that the flavour won’t be spoiled in any way.


To get great results, fresh coffee beans and water are the key to great-tasting coffee. If you use coffee beans rather than coffee that is already ground, grind the beans just before you use them.

The right amount

Usually the biggest mistake people make when making their own coffee is due to not using the right amount of coffee. If you don’t use enough coffee you will get a thin watery coffee that lacks depth or flavour. To produce the perfect cup, make sure that you put two level teaspoons of coffee for each cup you are making. Use this measurement as a guide and adjust the volume to your own taste preferences.

Follow these simple tips and you will definitely enjoy great tasting coffee at home.

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