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Making Cowboy Boots Work With Your Summer Wardrobe


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A good pair of cowboy boots might be some of the most comfortable footwear in the closet. With soft leather and plenty of designs to choose, boots can be worn with just about any outfit. This means that when the heat of summer sets in, boots don’t have to take a back seat to sandals.

Start By Choosing Your Favorite Boots 

Leather is the classic choice and brown or black hues are another classic. However, there are loads of fun colors and designs.

You may prefer a suede option (a bit tricky to maintain, but definitely elegant!) Suede will add a bit of formality to your outfit, so they are probably more appropriate for the workplace than for a bonfire on the beach.

You’ll also have to decide whether you prefer the classic calf-length boot or a modern pair of ankle boots. Do you like the traditional pointed toe or will you opt for a rounded toe?

Find a pair that you really like and enjoy wearing, and then build your summer wardrobe around them.

Next, Pair Your Boots Successfully With Your Clothing:

If you are wearing longer jeans with a wider cut, wear the jeans over the boots. A heeled pair can be worn just as you would wear your favorite heels.

Maybe you’d like to show off your boots a bit? In this case, choose skinny jeans or tapered pants. These are best when you want to wear your boot over the pant leg.

Sundresses and cowboy boots are a classic combination that has enduring charm. The girly sway of a short skirt is the perfect contrast to the sturdy, rugged appeal of the boots. Choose a shorter length with a simple silhouette.

Can you wear your boots with your favorite shorts? Absolutely! Just remember that this creates a very casual look.

A Few Additional Tips:

Boots can be worn without socks. A good quality pair is naturally breathable, so at the end of the day your feet should feel great. If you must wear socks, then choose short or athletic socks that won’t show.

Remember that a good cowboy boot is a statement piece. Keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple in order to create balance.

You can rock your boots with or without a cowboy hat. You are not limited to country style while wearing your boots. If you want to show off your country heart, then go ahead and pull out all the stops. You can, however, mix things up a little bit for a more eclectic look.

When all of your friends are dusting off their sandals and flats for the summer, you can make your own unique statement with a worn pair of your favorite cowboy kickers.

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