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Meet Tiffany T – An Unapologetically Modern Collection by Tiffany’s New Design Director

Tiffany-T-by-New-Design-Director-Francesca-Amfitheatrof-6 Tiffany-T-by-New-Design-Director-Francesca-Amfitheatrof-1 Tiffany-T-by-New-Design-Director-Francesca-Amfitheatrof-2 Tiffany-T-by-New-Design-Director-Francesca-Amfitheatrof-3 Tiffany-T-by-New-Design-Director-Francesca-Amfitheatrof-4Images Courtesy of Tiffany T

In her new role as Tiffany’s design director, Francesca Amfitheatrof took the measure of the city – it’s power, energy and daring, and captured it in the graphic Tiffany T.

Tiffany T is an icon for a new era. Amfitheatrof dedicates it to the world’s great cities and the global travellers who gravitate to art and culture, where creativity sparks change.

Tiffany artisans are the master builders of Amfitheatrof’s brilliant play of angles and curves, crafting the new collection from 18 Karat gold – rose, yellow and white and sterling silver. Minimal bracelets and monumental cuffs that perfectly contour the wrist. Multiple chains of varied lengths and elegant pendants drape the neckline. Rings stack seamlessly and earrings move with grace. Altogether, Tiffany T is a rich mix of options, layered in striking looks of pure ease and sensuality.

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