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Miista SS14 – Aquascapism

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Nostalgia plays a major role in the Miista SS14 collection, as inspiration is taken from the ’90s fashion and childhood summers, that feeling of having not a single care in the world – the collection looks to the quirky memories of being a kid.

Featuring a lively color palette, nostalgic sticker detailing, 3-D elements and wildly inventive, exaggerated textures complement the classic constructions. Bright and breezy seaside colors accent the styles while a base of pastels provide foundation. Soft pinks and oranges along with oceanic blues and greens are combined with bright metallics in a range of candy colored ice cream tones.

A combination of materials are used; wooden heels encased in lucite, metallics are combined with clear plastics, speckled leather are surrounded by a vinyl shell. Unique, forward and irreverent detailing are everywhere; flaked metallic sequins, scored iridescent leathers, brushed off metallic florentic leathers and plastic tassels all work together to create unforgettable looks.


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