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Mikuti’s Exclusive 3-Piece for Fab



Benta Bangle by Mikuti | $79

Boulevard Bangle by Mikuti | $120

Williamsburg Bangle by Mikuti | $99

Mikuti has launched an exclusive 3-piece collection for Fab.  Each bangle was inspired by Mikuti’s designer/owner Erika Freund’s 3 favorite places.  The elegant yet modern Benta bangle was inspired by Stone Town, the colorful Boulevard Bangle looks with anything, injecting some color and fun into your outfit, this pretty bangle was inspired by Abbot Kinney Boulevard.  The Williamsburg bangle was inspired by the neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The 3 fab bangles were all handmade in Kenya by recycled aluminum and a special wrapping technique.  The perfect arm candy.

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