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Fresh-Faced Beauty: Truly Organic Skincare


We clearly covet Miranda Kerr’s style, but we also envy her fresh, glowing face, and we’re pretty sure it’s due to a consciousness and consistant skincare routine. In fact, Ms. Kerr has created her own skincare line, KORA Organics, which “represents my healthy and balanced lifestyle,” she says on her website.

There’s actually a big difference between a product that claims to be “all-natural,” one that’s actually 100% organic. Even Miranda’s line can’t make this claim (however they’re very close: 98.32% of the total ingredients they use are from natural origin, and 87.8% of the total ingredients are from organic farming, which is pretty good for any skincare line). And clearly it works given her gorgeous, glowing face.

The following four products, however, are all 100% organic, USDA certified, and only use ingredients sourced from organic, Fair Trade or small farm resources. You could literally eat these items if you wanted to, but you’ll do a lot better using them on your skin, knowing that only the best items from the earth are being used to keep you beautiful.

1. Olie Biologique 100% USDA Certified Organic Argan Oil, $40

This black bottle is filled with pure, non-processed argan oil, which you’ve probably noticed has become the “it” oil over the past few years. Why? Because it’s really that good. The multipurpose, lightweight oil moisturizes skin, wards off wrinkles, nourishes dry, brittle hair, and can even be used to soothe cuticles and strengthen nails.

2. Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist, $22

Give your face a refreshing spritz of moisture with this hydrating toner mist, which is packed with anti-oxidant rich organic juices, as well as hydrating rosehip seed oil, ylang ylang, and grapeseed oil. It can also be used on your hair, and is perfect for cooling yourself off during hot summer excursions. Juice Beauty Tip: If you’re hitting the beach or park, pack a bottle in your cooler to keep the mist extra refreshing and cold.

3. La Bella Figura Barbary Fig Renewal Serum, $125

Barbary fig seed oil is rare and highly sought-after—so it’s good thing the lovely ladies of La Bella Figura were smart enough to see its skincare potential at an early stage. It’s an extremely restorative oil, one that contains essential fatty acids that build collagen and help keep skin supple. LBF’s serum also contains a wealth of other oils and vitamins that add to the product’s anti-aging, skin brightening abilities.

4. S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Moisturizing Cream, $32

S.W. Basics has made it their mission to add only the most essential ingredients needed to perfect their products. Which is why everything they make contains just five ingredients or less. “Using fewer ingredients means more potent skincare,” explains Adina Grigore, the company’s founder. Unlike most moisturizers, this cream does not use water as a base (in fact, there’s no water to be found at all), so it’s extremely rich, sinks into your skin, and continues to hydrate all day. And if you’re curious, only three ingredients make up this moisturizing cream—unrefined Shea butter, extra-virgin coconut oil, and extra-virgin olive oil.

By Susan Linney

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