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Nail Colour with a Topcoat Twist – An Innovative Idea at MAC


Choose a nail colour and then create a unique twist with your topcoat. This innovative new idea is brought to you by nail guru Marian Newman at MAC. Using her background as a forensic scientist and combining this with a striking and innovative design sense we see this ‘unique aesthetic’ come alive. Simply choose your desired nail colour from a small selection of three rich, opaque hues ranging from a light grey to a skin coloured neutral tone to dark and moody plum. In high gloss finishes of cream, pearl and glitter, these gorgeous hues are delightful in themselves, but it doesn’t end there. Continue to create a dramatic twist with a topcoat that will succeed in adding texture, illumination or a smoky glow. Nails with a leather-like finish, nails that glow from within or nails that shine with a moody, edged, smoked out effect, you can achieve all these finishes, and guarantee yourself a manicure that’s sure to turn heads.


Texturize (Top Coat) $12.00

Blue Pearl (Top Coat) $12.00

Liquid Pigment (Top Coat) $12.00

Shadow (Top Coat) $12.00


Studio Nail Lacquer – Quiet Time $12.00

Studio Nail Lacquer – Skin $12.00

Studio Nail Lacquer – Rebel $12.00

Images via MAC.

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