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Nicholas Kirkwood 10 Year Anniversary Collection

Nicholas-Kirkwood-10-Year-anniversary-shoe-collection-1Nicholas-Kirkwood-10-Year-anniversary-shoe-collection-2Nicholas-Kirkwood-10-Year-anniversary-shoe-collection-3Nicholas-Kirkwood-10-Year-anniversary-shoe-collection-4Nicholas-Kirkwood-10-Year-anniversary-shoe-collection-5Nicholas-Kirkwood-10-Year-anniversary-shoe-collection-6Nicholas-Kirkwood-10-Year-anniversary-shoe-collection-7Nicholas-Kirkwood-10-Year-anniversary-shoe-collection-8Nicholas-Kirkwood-10-Year-anniversary-shoe-collection-9Images Courtesy of Nicholas Kirkwood

To celebrate Nicholas Kirkwood’s 10 year anniversary, the designer has created some of the most iconic structures and designs in footwear. Kirkwood is set to launch a special, numbered limited edition collection.

“I wanted to celebrate 10 years of the brand with a collection that sums up many things for me and what I stand for,” says the designer Nicholas Kirkwood. “To go back to the essence of why I started designing shoes; to challenge convention and subvert people’s ideas of what footwear should look like and in this case, for ‘10’, I wanted to experiment with graphicism in a, quite literally, playful way. “10” explores the concept of being ten years old again and the excitement of discovering something for the first time. Many big defining moments in pop culture have a strong influence on me, but growing up in the 80s, the culture of arcades, toys and films was the first I actively participated in, and it’s this energy I wanted to recreate!”

The energetic collection is inspired by the nostalgic 80’s arcade culture and childhood action figurines. All handmade in Italy, the collection will deliver the designers signature innovative approach with the highest quality of shoe construction.

Kirkwood’s shoes will be packed in ‘collectable’ box packaging just like their collectable toy counterparts, with each numbered pair being strictly limited, made-to-order run. To make it even more fun, each shoe will come with “instructions” that contain the brand and collection details. 

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