Overall Revival: Our Favorites This Season

June 19, 2013 by

summer outfits overall runway

summer outfits overall runway2

We are head over heels for the resurgence of retro-trends in fashion this season.  Rebecca Minkoff, Phillip Lim and Ruffian were just a few designers who saluted the nineties with their overall interpretations for their Spring/Summer ’13 collections.  Even if you’re feeling more American Gothic than experimental, the overall offerings this season are plenty.

1. Nameless Circular Crochet Overalls, $53

2. TOPSHOP MOTO Acide Denim Pini Dress, $76

3. CURRENT/ELLIOTT Traveler Denim Ranch Hand Overalls, $510

4. Motel Rocks Demi Jumpsuit, $80

5. Tallulah by Viparo Black Lambskin Leather Dungaree Overalls Dress, $249


by Jennifer Pauline

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